Flatulence and flying – why does it happen and how to reduce the unpleasant effects?

Flying has numerous effects on the body – from bad breath and reduced taste to hearing loss and motion sickness, but the most antisocial of these has got to be the increase in flatulence.

Find out how you can reduce flatulence below

Why is there an increase in flatulence when flying?

The increased frequency of passengers breaking wind is all down to the cabin pressure dropping. The pressure drops and the air in your stomach must expand into more space, therefore creating more than average amounts of flatulence per person.

Scientists claim that the gas sitting inside the stomach expands by roughly 30 per cent during a flight and that gas needs to go somewhere…

Can you limit the amount of flatulence you have on a flight?

Although it’s a perfectly normal, yet often frowned upon, bodily function there are ways you can reduce the amount of flatulence you could experience. Try the following for starters…

Eliminate sugar and sugary fruits.

Avoid carbonated drinks.

Limit high-fat foods

Eat more probiotics – such as soy sauce, yogurt and pickles.

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Foods to avoid the embarrassment

To help you out before your next flight, we’ve put together a quick list of some of the common food types you should avoid in order to help limit the amount of flatulence you could experience.

Dairy: Milk, ice cream and cheese

Fruit: Green apples, grapes, peaches, cherries and prunes.

Vegetables: Green peas, asparagus, broccoli and Brussel sprouts.

Legumes: Beans

Sugar-free food: Gum and hard candy

High fibre foods: Nuts, wholegrain rice and dried fruit.

What about flight attendants and pilots?

Passengers aren’t the only ones who suffer from in-flight gas though, more than 60 per cent of pilots complain of the unfortunate condition.

Flight attendants have become so frequently victim to in-flight flatulence that they often walk down the aisle of the plane if they feel the need to pass wind to refrain from letting loose in the tiny gallery area. The practice is so common they even have a special name for it – crop-dusting.

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