Find out What’s happening!

When you are going on holiday, are you the kind of person who does it on a wing and a prayer? Just arriving at your hotel and asking the staff there if there are any cultural or artistic events happening within the area that you are holidaying in?

Or are you more like the traditional image of the Boy Scout? Is your motto “Be Prepared?” By which I mean, do you plan ahead? Before you go on holiday, do you check out what is happening in the area you will holiday in? Or perhaps you choose an event that you would be interested in, such as a jazz festival, art festival, folk music event, beer festival, motor show, fashion show, carnival or what have you? And build your holiday around that event or events?

You can check out the tour guides or look at online sites. Though there is a word of caution required, here. It is alleged that a certain well-known travel guide publisher has –inadvertently- published travel guides written by an author who had not, actually, bothered to visit the countries that he was writing the travel guides on!

One good source of information is the tourism sections of embassies, consulates and high commissions. They will be able to tell you which events are on specific to the dates when you will on holiday in their country. Also, if you follow a certain artiste you will be able to contact their official fan club to find out when they are touring and how you can book for the concert.

Then there will just be booking your car’s own holiday, through APH. Whilst you are partying at a jazz festival in Italy (for example) your car will be enjoying a well-earned rest at the secure airport car park in the UK!

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