Find out if you are driving with a faulty child seat. Check the official database for defects and recalls right here

No-one would consciously strap their child into a faulty and potentially dangerous child seat, but there’s a chance you, or a family member, could be unknowingly doing just that…

Have you purchased a seat and not registered for a warranty or guarantee? Perhaps, like thousands of others you may have purchased a nearly new seat from a friend, or been given one by a relative?

Help to keep kids safe by checking your child seat for a recall

Help to keep kids safe by checking your child seat for a recall: Credit Halfpoint/Thinkstock

There’s nothing wrong with this of course, but – like millions of other parents – you won’t be contactable should the manufacturer discover a fault with the design or a component used to make it.

These recalls are regular occurrences and often don’t pose any risk to the child, but all the issues need to be addressed to ensure the safety of the child.

Fortunately, it’s simple to check if the seat you are using requires any remedial work to make it completely safe. Read our guide to find out what you’ll need to now.

What are safety recalls?

Just like safety recalls affecting cars, these are also issued for other motoring-related areas such as tyres and child seats. This allows manufacturers to quickly let owners know of any problems they may have discovered with their product.

Won’t someone contact me?

Unlike recalls for cars, a convenient list of baby seat owners is not held on a DVLA database, so it’s highly likely that no one will contact you.

Will it cost me money to have the repair/replacement work carried out?

Absolutely not, there should be no charge for the work to be carried out. Even if you bought the seat secondhand, the work should be carried out free of charge.

Do I really need to check?

Yes! Millions of big-name baby seats are recalled each year. Use the free check to ensure your product is not on the list.


Your child's car seat is likely to be perfectly safe, but taking a few seconds to check for recalls is time well spent

Your child’s car seat is likely to be perfectly safe, but taking a few seconds to check for recalls is time well spent

What information will I need to know?

To check for a recall you will need the following information:

  • Manufacturer, model and date of manufacture

How do I know if the work has already been carried out on a secondhand seat?

Check to see if there was a recall, then call the manufacturer, which will be able to advise you.

So, where can I check if my child seat has a recall?

Just click below to access the free online checker tool that’s operated by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency. Select your products details then check for an instant result on whether or not your child seat has an outstanding recall on it.

Check for a recall right now by clicking here


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