Don’t Be Ruled By Your Fear Of Flying

Before the author took his first ever flight – a Lufthansa service from Birmingham International to Frankfurt, for a connection to a non-stop flight to San Francisco International Airport – I was worried. What kind of a passenger would I be? Would I be a nervous, fearful flyer? Would I get airsick? Would I end up battling with a fear of flying like so many others?

Overcoming A Fear of Flying

In the event, as the plane thundered down the runway to reach take off velocity I suddenly realised that I liked flying. Very much indeed!

However, there are some people who have a debilitating fear of flying. Such as the young boy who had to remain in the Middle East for months as he was too scared to board the plane to fly back home to the UK.

So what can people who have a fear of flying do about it before they fly?

The first call should be to their doctor who might be able to offer them some medical help or advice.

Booking sessions with a psychologist for counselling might help and some people swear that the only thing that cured their fear of flying were some appointments to see a hypnotherapist.

Generally speaking the old idea of “having a few drinks to relax you before you fly” is not a good one, as a number of people who have tried this idea have found that the false courage flees them once the effect of the alcohol has gone, or they end up being removed from a plane by the police. Try to be as relaxed as possible before you fly – self-drive to the airport to avoid a stressful trip on public transport, arrange your airport car parking in advance and maybe check into one of the local airport hotels for the night beforehand so you can start your trip in a chilled-out frame of mind.

Are there any other routes to help people rid themselves of their fear of flying?

Yes. Highly successful budget airline easyJet has launched a special course to help people overcome their fear of flying.

easyJet, now the UK’s largest airline and the biggest operator out of Luton Airport, has launched a Fearless Flyer Course to help people conquer their phobia of flying.

Headed by Channel 4’s ‘Fear of Flying’ host, Lawrence Leyton, who has a remarkable record of success in assisting timid or downright fearful flyers, the course lasts about three hours and is held at different airports throughout the country.

A dedicated easyJet Fearless Flyer flight takes off from the airport and helps those taking part overcome their fear of flying.

In fact, some one in six people has a fear of flying. Some passengers feel uneasy and uncomfortable throughout the whole flight, but the fear of others is so great they can’t even travel on a plane at all.

To help nervous passengers overcome these fears, easyJet has formed a team of top experts renowned in their fields to offer the ‘Fearless Flyer’ course to complete the participants’ transformation from Nervous Norvus into Fearless Flyer.

easyJet’s Fearless Flyer course costs £179 including the Experience Flight and participants can also take a companion with them on the flight for £69.

To book a place or to register for future courses please visit

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