The family drive to the airport or to family and friends brings the festive anticipation to its peak

Brits have already started heading out into the Christmas chaos on the roads as they head home or to the airports, to see family and friends.


Far from the feeling of ‘bah humbug’ many see the drive as an essential part of Christmas. It’s seen as a great opportunity for quality family time before being mixed amongst the festivities of extended family and friends on the big day itself.

For over half of Brits that took part in a survey by Audible, 56 % said the car journey brings the festive anticipation to its peak, signalling the start of the silly side of Christmas after the stress from shopping and preparing earlier in December.

Family festive driving activities include 44%of those surveyed spotting other people’s Christmas lights and decorations, whilst 36% say they will be singing carols.

If you’re looking for some festive music for your Christmas drive to the airport, check out some of our favourite holiday jingles here. 

Where do the miles go? The average family car will travel 413 miles over the festive period, here’s the Christmas driving breakdown:

6 x food shops in December (6 x 4)
3 x last minute trips (3 x 4)
3 x grandparent visits (3 x 34)
3 x trips to visit other family (3 x 34)
2 x visits to old friends (2 x 41)
2 x visits to in-laws (2 x 36)
Picking up family on Christmas Day
24 miles
12 miles
102 miles
102 miles
82 miles
72 miles
24 miles

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