Emergency shopping at Gatwick and interactive packing lists

Don't panic - Gatwick has a retail solution for last-minute emergencies

Don’t panic – Gatwick has a retail solution for last-minute emergencies

From shoes to glasses and tomato ketchup, Brits spend around £118million a year on 15million items they’ve forgotten to pack when heading on holiday. Don’t panic, though, APH will help successfully fill your case with our guide to emergency shopping at Gatwick and interactive packing lists.

Emergency shopping guide

Forgotten to pack a vital piece of equipment or clothing? Don’t panic, your holiday’s not over before it’s started – Gatwick has the answer to your woes. Here’s where you can buy the essentials right up to the moment you head for the gate.

Simply hover over the hotspots and find out where you can buy the item at Gatwick Airport.


Interactive holiday checklists

Forget the scrappy bit of paper... we've the list solution you need

Forget the scrappy bit of paper… we’ve the list solution you need

Help yourself to avoid the need for last-minute shopping at Gatwick with our interactive packing lists. We’ve lists for documents, clothing, baby, toiletries and hand luggage.

Don’t worry… our lists remember your selections, so you can come back and check-off items as and when you pack them. Simply open the selections below.

Documents and essentials




Hand luggage

Hand luggage

Before you leave for Gatwick Airport

'Did you remember to turn the cooker off darling?' Our essential guide to what needs doing before you head to Gatwick Airport

‘You did remember to turn off the oven, didn’t you darling?’

Your suitcase might be packed and ready to hit the holiday highway, but don’t forget to check out this list of tasks and issues that might need addressing before you set the sat-nav for Gatwick.

Airport parking: Don’t ever forget to pre-book your parking. Turning up on the day without a booking will see the airport’s car park take a seriously greedy chomp out of your holiday budget. Get the best prices by booking ahead with APH.
Get your airport parking here  

Passport check: Ideally you would do this around two months before travel, but if you’ve left it late and found your passport is about to expire then calm down, take a deep breath and read our ‘Passport Panic’ guide to fast-tracking your application.
Read our passport panic feature here 

Download your airline’s app: This will save you time and help dodge airport queues by checking-in and downloading your boarding passes to a mobile phone.
Download your airline app here

Book a pre-flight hotel: Early flights needn’t fill you with despair… simply book a pre-flight stop-over at one of the great hotels near Gatwick Airport.
Choose your hotel here 

Pets: Fido and Colin the cat won’t be happy that you’re heading on holiday, so make sure you’ve organised reliable cover to take care of them while you’re away. Alternatively, join the thousands of pet-crazy Brits who are taking their significant animals on holiday with them.
Read our guide to taking pets abroad

Jabs and health: Pay a visit to your doc and discuss vaccinations and any other pre-existing medical conditions that could affect your travel plans.
Read our guide to health gadgets and apps

Don’t tell the world: Taking to Facebook and boasting about your upcoming trip to the world famous instant noodle packaging museum in Japan (yes, really) will not only result in social exclusion, but quite possibly a visit from the local housebreaker. Save your social media assault for when you return home.

Cancel deliveries: With Amazon deliveries replacing milk bottles as a visual clue to your absence, don’t forget to schedule your parcels around holiday dates.

Tell the neighbours: Providing you don’t live next door to a convicted housebreaker, let your neighbours know that you’ll be going away – they’ll help keep an eye on your property.

Book a food delivery: Slugging it out in the local supermarket is the last thing you’ll want to do as you return from your hols, so remember to get online and book a delivery for the day you come home. You’ll be glad you did.

Check your data roaming options: Most companies will offer good deals, so make sure you’re in control of your mobile data charges by purchasing a plan before you leave.
We’ve all the information you need here

Sort your car hire: Don’t leave car hire until you arrive – this could end up adding hundreds to your bill. Book it before you travel.
Here’s our guide to saving hire-car cash 

Self-catering: Plan ahead and take an emergency food package for when you arrive in your self-catering appartment. Click below to see our suggested emergency pack.

Get an EHIC: If you’re travelling to Europe, you should take a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
Apply for one here

Leave your heating on low: Avoid burst pipes in freezing conditions by leaving your heating on low while you’re away.

Enjoy your trip.