Driving test changes: New ‘Show me, Tell me’ question videos released by DVSA to help learner drivers

With less than three months until new driving test changes come into force on December 4, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has released new ‘Show me, Tell me’ videos to help learner drivers who’ll be taking the updated practical exam.

Big changes are coming to the UK driving test from December 4

Big changes are coming to the UK driving test from December 4: Credit warrengoldswain/Thinkstock

During the updated test, candidates will be asked two vehicle safety questions – known as the ‘Show me, Tell me’ questions.

Currently, these are asked at the start of the test, but from December 4, they will be asked while the candidate is driving.

The following videos will help explain this new change to learner drivers.

For a full explanation of the driving licence changes click here.




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