Do I need to act? What is GDPR, why it matters and will I still get my APH discount and sale emails

A new EU law comes into force on May 25, and it’s going to have a huge impact on how businesses, such as APH, interact with you in digital and offline environments.

To help understand what GDPR is all about, here’s a quick guide to what it could mean for you and why many APH customers DON’T need to worry about losing their regular discounts for airport parking and hotels…

Find out how we're complying with GDPR legislation and helping you continue to enjoy the airport parking discounts you deserve

Find out how we’re complying with GDPR legislation and helping you continue to enjoy the airport parking discounts that are rightfully yours

What is GDPR and why does it matter to me?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on May 25, is EU-backed legislation to protect how your data and privacy is handled by everyone from social media giants, to the smallest local businesses.

Put simply, GDPR will make it easier for you to control how companies collect, use and store your personal data.

GDPR sounds like a great idea, right?

It’ll certainly help to keep an eye on tech giants – which is welcome news in the light of recent data scandals – but it could also result in consumers inadvertently losing contact with firms they trust and want to stay in touch with.

How has APH been ensuring it’s compliant with the new GDPR legislation?

As a family-run business and eight-time winner of Best Airport Parking Company at the British Travel Awards, we always strive to be fully compliant with all legislation.

That’s why you may have noticed emails from APH offering you the opportunity to confirm you’re still happy to continue receiving our marketing communications by clicking the ‘Keep Sending Me Discounts’ button.

However, if you missed these emails or chose not to respond, it originally seemed likely that GDPR legislation dictated you’d have to be removed from our database and not receive any further marketing communications with the likes of discounts and offers.

But, a late clarification, in a paper published on April 26 by the Direct Marketing Association who worked closely with the Information Commissioner’s Office, of how the legislation should be interpreted means this is no longer the case in all circumstances…

GDPR - it's coming on May 25

GDPR – it’s coming on May 25

Here’s why you won’t miss out on your APH discounts, after all…

As a previous customer, who has agreed they’re happy to receive marketing communications, the clarification of how new rules are interpreted has indicated that ‘legitimate interest’ means missing our GDPR emails won’t result in your details being removed from our database.

Because of this existing relationship with APH, you won’t inadvertently miss out on receiving the airport parking and hotel discounts you’re entitled to as a loyal and valued customer.

What about if you choose not to receive  our emails?

If you choose that you no longer want to receive marketing from APH, simply use the unsubscribe link included on all emails, call us on 01342 859 442 or email with your email address. We’ll then ensure you won’t receive any more communications. Remember, you can do this at any time.

So, do I need to do anything?

No – if you’re happy to carry on receiving our marketing communications – just sit back and wait for great discounts on airport parking and travel extras to land in your inbox or drop through your letterbox.

We updated our privacy policy 

In line with GDPR changes, we’ve updated our privacy policy to comply with the new legislation. You can read it here.

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