Christmas 2017 opening times for Dartford Crossing payments… don’t get fined for calling too late

Christmas might be coming, but don’t expect any gifts from the Dartford Crossing over the festive period.

With millions of motorists heading away to visit family and friends, many could be using the crossing for the first time in a while – possibly leaving them unaware of how to use the booth-free payment system.

20,000 motorists can't be wrong. Find out how the Dartford Crossing could be improved for drivers: Thinkstock

Here are the vital Christmas opening times for Dartford Crossing payment lines: Thinkstock

An additional problem is that payment lines will have restricted hours, meaning drivers might call to pay the toll, only to find the lines are closed – leaving a big fine heading for their doormat.

Here’s all you need to know about using the Dartford Crossing this Christmas.

When will the payment lines be open?

These are the Xmas opening times, so take note when planning your payment.

For example, if you’re one of the thousands who cross on Christmas Eve, you’ll get a fine if you don’t pay on the same day, because lines are closed on Christmas Day. However, online payments will be available – see below.

Date Phone lines
Sunday 24 December 2017 Open 9am to 7pm
Monday 25 December 2017 Closed
Tuesday 26 December 2017 Open 9am to 7pm
Wednesday 27 to Saturday 30 December 2017 Open 5am to midnight
Sunday 31 December 2017 Open 9am to 7pm
Monday 1 January 2018 Closed

When do I need to make payment by?

Once you’ve used the crossing, you’ll need to pay by midnight the following day or face the prospect of a penalty charge.

What if I remember after the payment lines are closed?

Luckily, Dart Charge will be accepting payments right across the festive period through its online system. You’ll need internet access to use this, of course.

Find details on all the payment methods here.

Do I have to pay on Christmas Day?

Yes. You have to pay the charge if using the Dartford Crossing between 06:00–22:00. This applies on Christmas Day, weekends and all Bank Holidays. It’s free outside of these hours.

Do I have to pay both ways?

Yes! Unlike the Severn Bridges, the toll is payable for each and every crossing you make.

Happy Christmas


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