Should cyclists have number plates and take a test before being allowed on the UK’s roads? Tell us what you think

British motorists think cyclists should have to wear number plates, take a safety test and have their bikes MOT tested to help encourage responsible riding, recent research has shown.  

Do you think cyclists should be hit with tougher penalties for not following the Highway Code? Image credit: SylvieDesign/Thinkstock

The Sharing the Road report by Halfords has revealed that 86 per cent of those surveyed believe an introduction of tougher penalties should be enforced for cyclists who don’t follow the Highway Code.

A further 81 per cent would like to see a crackdown on cyclists who ride aggressively and over half of respondents called for the introduction of number plates for cyclists.

Number plates for cyclists would allow them to be chased up for offences if they’re picked up by traffic cameras.


50 per cent of participants surveyed also agreed that cyclists should have to take a proficiency test before being allowed on the UK’s roads, but only 11 per cent said cyclists should have driving licence-style accreditation.

The report also revealed that, along with a call for penalties for cyclists, 80 per cent call for harsher penalties for motorists that drive aggressively near cyclists. 67 per cent also supported tougher penalties for those who pass too close to cyclists.

Tensions are clear on both sides, but what’s your opinion? Should cyclists have to undergo a proficiency test, have number plates and even have their bikes MOT tested? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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