How to cut your motorway fuel bill by £3,000 – and help clean up the environment

Easing the pressure on your right foot could save you more than £3,000 in fuel costs, according to research looking at speeding on motorways.

Stick to official junctions and stay safe on the UK's motorways

Stick to official junctions and stay safe on the UK’s motorways

The survey, carried out by ClickMechanic, found the average driver travelling at 80mph on a motorway pays an extra £3,064 in fuel over a lifetime compared with a counterpart travelling at 60mph.

It’s not just their wallet the driver will be hurting, but also the environment. The limit-busting motorist will also be adding an additional 5.67 tons of carbon emissions.

Based on a typical Fiat 500 and a fuel cost of £1.20 per litre, a UK driver will spend an additional £482 on fuel over their driving lifetime by just increasing their speed on the motorway from 60mph to 65mph.

Increasing by 5mph at higher speeds has even more costly consequences. Driving at 70mph triples the extra cash to £1,491 over a lifetime.

Leaning even harder on the ‘go’ pedal will see fuel costs jump to an extra £3,064 over the driver’s lifetime.

The incremental impact on the environment can be seen in the following table.

How much driving on a motorway could cost you

See how the speed you drive on a motorway could increase the amount you’ll pay for fuel over a lifetime – and the amount of emissions you’ll add to the environment.

Speed MPG Lifetime cost of fuel for motorway use Additional Cost Additional emissions (tons)
60 mph 63.7 £8,838
65 mph 60.4 £9,320 £482 0.63 (Polar Bear)
70 mph 54.5 £10,329 £1,491 2.52 (2x Cars)
75 mph 50.6 £11,126 £2,288 3.78 (8x Grand Pianos)
80 mph 47.3 £11,902 £3,064 5.67 (Elephant)


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