Crisis at Calais… your need-to-know guide

All the contacts you need to help cut delays

All the contacts you need to help cut delays

Travellers heading to the Continent via Dover and Folkestone face the risk of ongoing disruption to travel plans due to migrant activity along with protests by French farmers and ferry workers. Forward planning or changing your travel plans can help beat delays and ensure your trip’s not hit. Here’s the information you need to help keep up to date with what’s going on…

General travel advice

Passengers sailing from Dover and Folkestone to Calais should check with their operator before departing to help avoid disruption and delays to their trip. Here’s our at-a-glance guide to keeping up to date with the latest news from Calais, Dover and Folkestone.

Get the latest UK Government news for travel in France here

Cross-Channel Q&A

Use these contacts to help warn of problems at Dover and Calais for ferry and tunnel terminals

Use these contacts to help warn of problems at Dover and Calais for ferry and tunnel terminals: Be prepared for long delays: image credit

Along with all the information you’ll need to plan your journey, we’ve also got this at-a-glance guide to how your trip could be affected by the problems in Calais and Dover.

What happens if I miss my ferry or train:
Delays are likely and many will develop at short notice due to the fluid situation with migrants and wildcat strikes. Here’s what could happen if you miss you sailing or train.
Eurotunnel: In ‘normal’ circumstances you’d be forced to buy a new ticket, but the current situation means it’s likely you’ll be put on the next available service.
P&O and DFDS Seaways: Both these ferry operators currently have a policy of putting travellers who’ve missed their sailing on the next service that has space. There is no extra cost.

Can you claim compensation:
Should you be expecting compo for losses incurred? Find out here…

Ferry travellers: Read full information here. However, it is likely that the events surrounding the events at Calais would mean that compensation is not due – as the action is beyond the control of ferry operators. Check with your travel insurance provider to see if you are covered for losses caused by the delays.

Tunnel travellers: Once again, it is highly unlikely that travellers would receive compensation for losses incurred due to delays beyond the operator’s control. Once again, check with your travel insurance provider at time of purchase.

Is Calais dangerous to drive through: The Foreign Office has warned travellers “to be alert to the large numbers of illegal migrants who may be seeking to enter the UK”. Official advice says motorists should keep vehicle doors locked at the port and in nearby service stations.

Stay informed with the latest info

Prepare for delays and disruption

Prepare for delays and disruption

Here are the contacts you’ll need…

Emergency services in France:
If the need arises, Brits can call the French emergency services on 112 – this is the equivalent of our own 999 service and should be used in the same way.

British Embassy:
Anyone who requires assistance from the British Embassy in France, should call on 00 33 (0)144 51 31 00.
Click here for the British Embassy in Paris

Ferry, Tunnel and road contacts:
Contact or stay up to date with news from operators here…

Port of Dover:

Port of Dover:

DFDS Seaways Amsterdam, Dieppe and Dunkirk:

DFDS Seaways also operates out of Amsterdam, Dieppe and Dunkirk:
Twitter @DFDSUKUpdates
Calais, Dunkirk and Amsterdam +44 (0) 344 902 0265
+44 (0) 871 882 1777 for sailing information
Dieppe +44 (0) 844 576 8836, INT 0800 650 100
+44 (0) 844 576 8836 for sailing information

P&O Ferries also operates out of Rotterdam and Zeebrugge:

P&O Ferries also operates out of Rotterdam and Zeebrugge:
@POferries for ferry updates
Telephone: +44 (0) 800 13 0030

Eurotunnel operates from Coquelles:

+44 (0) 8444 63 0000 (24 hour pre-recorded travel information)
+44 (0) 8443 35 35 35
+33 (0) 810 63 03 04

UK road traffic

UK road traffic

Highways England traffic information or on Twitter: @HighwaysSEAST

France road traffic

France road traffic
Bison Fute

Alternative routes across the Channel

If disruption at Calais looks likely, here’s an interactive map giving information on alternative routes to sea-routes to the Continent. Click for crossing times and other information.

Click below for interactive information on all Channel crossing options

Alternative ferry crossings: Click here for info on how to avoid Calais

Emergency packing list for your car…

Pack an emergency pack just in case you hit delays

Pack an emergency pack just in case you hit delays

Here are the essentials you’ll need in the event of a long delay as you head to the Continent.

Water: It sound’s obvious, but heading into a long hold-up without any of this will leave you in an even bigger jam.
Phone charger: You’ll need to stay in touch with the latest developments as you approach the port, so enusre your phone’s fully loaded at all times.
Data bundle for your phone: Your smartphone will make an essential weapon when it comes to dodging queues, but munching data on the Continent will still prove expensive despite new curbs on charges. Make sure you buy a data bundle from your operator to slash costs.
Food: Carry plenty of food to help keep you nourished in delays. Avoid salty snacks as they’ll make you thirsty and deplete your water supplies. This will also ensure you need to wee more – which isn’t great when stuck in a traffic jam on the motorway.
Games for kids: Got kids – keep them happy with games to play in the car.
Navigation app: Download a navigation app that works offline and lets you choose routes that avoid motorways and toll roads. This might help you find routes to dodge the jams.
Make sure you’ve brimmed your fuel tank: Constant use of air-con as yo-u wait in jams will see your fuel tank empty a lot faster than you’d expect. Never set out on your trip without a near-full tank of fuel.
Painkillers: Be sure to pack painkillers for all the family… a traffic jam could soon become a real headache.
Loo roll: Roads might be at a stand-still but it doesn’t mean your digestive tract will be… enough said.

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