Conservatives win… but where now for travel?

David Cameron's coming home - without his housemate Nick Clegg

David Cameron’s coming home – without his housemate Nick Clegg

With the polls proved wrong, the Tories have swept to victory in an election night that has claimed the scalps of three party leaders. But what does the Tory victory mean for travel…

Here’s what holidaymakers could be looking at now a clear winner has been chosen by the British public….

Cash in on Tory majority

Regardless of your political colour, it's a great result for your holiday lolly

Regardless of your political colour, it’s a great result for your holiday lolly

While not everyone will be feeling as overjoyed as David Cameron and Tory supporters around the country – there will be great news for all as we head to get our currency changed.

A majority result – however slim – means a stability, which is what the markets like. A Tory majority will also sit well with the City and international traders. The pound was already soaring with its value jumping from €1.35 to €1.37 as the exit polls were announced – jumping further still now the predictions have been proved correct. Sterling also strengthened against the dollar, with travellers changing £1000 instantly getting an extra $15.

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Tory pledges…

Our verdict on the Tory party's manifesto for travel

Our verdict on the Tory party’s manifesto for travel

Here’s a reminder of what the Conservative party pledged to do for travel-related issues and how they might affect you now the they have won.

Airport capacity: Disappointingly, the Tory manifesto took a non-committal stance on the future of increased airport capacity in the South East. It tells us the Conservatives would: ‘respond to the Airports Commission’s final report’. Clear as mud, some might say.

However, the majority verdict by the UK’s voters makes it much more likely that a runway will be built a lot sooner than if we’d voted for a hung Parliament. Whether it’s Gatwick or Heathrow is no clearer, though. Politics aside, this is a positive result for the UK’s travelling public.

Air Passenger Duty: The Tories have already pledged further cuts to APD in 2016, so we’ll be expecting David Cameron to stick with this policy and give relief to hard-pressed Brits. The Conservatives have already slashed the duty by up to £97 per child, so no reason to doubt their commitment to honouring its promises.
Read more about the current APD cuts

Could SNP help cut APD for all? Both Manchester and Birmingham airport will be worried about the SNP’s sweeping success in Scotland. The party has already said APD will be halved and eventually abolished, so travellers could be sucked up-country to beat the UK duty and fly from Edinburgh or Glasgow. The big question is, would this force the Tories to speed up its cuts in the duty and bring parity with the devolved Scottish APD? Could be good news for Scots and English air travellers, alike.

Roads: Getting to the airport should be a lot smoother and quite possibly quicker under the Tories, they promised a £15bn investment for roads, with £6bn heading to highways in the North… we’re just not sure how far north.

Who you will and won’t be spotting at the airport…

Look out for Paul O'Grady at the airport?

Look out for Paul O’Grady at the airport? image credit

Various celebs and commentators have been threatening to quit the UK if one or another party takes power, so here’s our quick guide to who you will and won’t be seeing with their bags packed at the departure gates…

Katie Hopkins: Sun columnist Katie won’t be leaving the country after all. She had threatened to quit the UK if Ed Miliband took power – naming him ‘Russell Brand in a chuffing suit’.

Going (allegedly)…
Paul O’Grady: While we get to keep Katie, we could be bumping into to TV and radio star Paul at the departure gate while he queues to join his flight to Venice. He tweeted in David Cameron’s general direction: “I’m looking at a house on the Lido in Venice and I pay a fortune in tax so you’ve had that (gives middle finger gesture) mate if I [leave].”


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