Comfort seats for passengers of size: airline policies revealed here

Many airlines assist passengers of size by offering the chance to purchase comfort seats. Check out our guide to what’s offered by popular carriers.

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Airline policies for passengers of size and booking an additional comfort seat

Airline Passengers of size policy
American Airlines Any traveller requiring an additional seat will be given one if available – if no two seats are available together, or cannot be arranged, the passenger may be required to purchase a second seat and wait for a new flight
BA Economy passengers unable to fasten their seat belt for take-off, landing or possible turbulence, or lower both armrests during take-off and landing, will need to book an additional seat.
Delta If a passenger is unable to fasten their seat belt without an extender, they should purchase an additional seat.
EasyJet If you think easyJet’s seat size may be a problem, you may need to purchase an additional seat – this can be done by contacting the customer service team.
Etihad If you feel you’ll need an additional seat for your flight, you can book one when you purchase your ticket. Just add an extra passenger when booking your flight.
Flybe Flybe says if you won’t be able to fit into a seat, you may need to book a second – you can do this my calling Flybe’s contact centre.
KLM If you compromise a portion of the adjacent seat on a KLM flight, it’s advised you book a second seat in advance. This can be done by calling KLM Telephone Reservations – you will receive 25% discount on the second seat and if, upon departure, another seat was available in the same travel class, you can apply for a refund for the cost of the second seat. If you do not book in advance, you may not be allowed to fly.
Monarch Extra comfort seats can be purchased for £20 each online, but are only confirmed around 24 hours before your flight.
Norwegian If you’d like an extra seat, you can book your ticket and an extra seat through the contact centre – you should book at least 48 hours in advance. Seat belt extensions are available on board.
Qantas To book an extra seat, you’ll need to call the airline – an extra seat will be sold at the same fare category as your main booking, as long as those fares are still available.
Qatar You cannot book an empty seat.
Ryanair You can book an extra seat online by selecting two seats (passengers), Enter your details for seat one and for the additional seat; put EXTRA as the first name and COMFORT SEAT as the surname. EXTRA COMFORT SEAT will be displayed on the reservation and online boarding pass.
Thomas Cook If you require additional space, you can upgrade, if available, to a wider seat or buy an extra seat located next to your already purchased seat – you will have to pay the full cost of all seats. Call Thomas Cook Airlines for assistance.
Thomson If you think you’ll have trouble fitting into a Thomson seat, speak the Welfare Team before you book. You may need to pay an additional charge, depending on what options are available.
United If you can’t correctly wear the seat belt with a maximum of one extension, remain seated with the seat armrests down for the entirety of the flight or are significantly encroaching upon the adjacent seating space, you will have to purchase an additional seat. You will need to purchase the additional seat when you book your original ticket.
Virgin Atlantic A seat belt extension can be provided if needed and there is a discount rate to purchase an extra seat for passenger comfort – this can be quoted over the phone by the reservations team.

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  1. John
    25/09/2017 at 8:28 am

    Ok this covers the larger persons needs but what about the poor passenger forced to sit next to them with no room. I’ve experienced this and spent the whole 3hr flight squashed under the armpit of a very large but apologetic passenger.

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