Christmas gifts for travellers

Christmas gifts for travellers? We’ve got something for everyone here. Simply take a look through our list, place your order, pour some Eggnog, consume a box of mince pies and look very smug (if not a little sick).

We’ve also got a collection of retro-cool gifts that any traveller would love to receive. Roll back the years to time when digital was still in its nappy.

On top of this, we’ve also got a selection of health gadgets that you can give to help those with underlying medical issues to help them regain confidence get their travel mojo back.

Here’s this year’s eclectic collection of gifts to stuff the stockings of your nearest and dearest travel fans…

Parrot AR Drone 2.0: The ultimate in holiday video footage

View from above... swooping video footage of your holiday sports or secnery

View from above… swooping video footage of your holiday sports or secnery

Looking for the ultimate photo accessory for travel fans? The look no further than the Parrot AR Drone 2 – an affordable smartphone controlled quadricopter that’s equipped with a 720dpi high definition video camera. Soar into the sky and take jaw-dropping video from up above as you swoop across over stunning holiday scenery – it’ll even perform mid-air flips. The device is controlled directly from your smartphone where you can also monitor live footage streamed from the camera – ensuring you get the shot you need. Video is saved to an on-board memory card. Use the autopilot feature to take off, then take control by merely tilting your smartphone in the direction you want the drone to travel. You can also enter a GPS position for the drone to fly to, then hit the ‘Home’ button to let the computer bring it safely back to where it took off from. No need to be a trained pilot, even beginners will be swooping and soaring within minutes.
How much: From £280.00
Where: Locate an online store here

TYLT Energi+ Backpack: Power on the move for multiple devices

Power pack on your back... charge gadgets from your powered backpack

Power pack on your back… charge gadgets from your powered backpack

Perfect for an international business baron or tech-savvy pleasure traveller, this stylish backpack will feed the needs of three power-hungry mobile devices all at the same time. The internal battery has enough power for up to four smartphone charges or one full tablet top up. With more than 1,450 cubic inches of internal space It has 13 pockets, with seven that are accessible to the power supply.
How much: £159.95
Where: Get back-up power in your backpack here

TabCoosh: Take the strain from tablet time

Beat the pain of wrist strain... perfect for the plane or holiday appartment

Beat the pain of wrist strain… perfect for the plane or holiday appartment

Tablets such as the iPad are great for keeping kids happy during flights, but their skinny nature makes them difficult to hold over long periods – resulting in grumpy offspring or even cracked screens as they tumble to the floor. Usher in the TabCoosh; a small beanbag-type affair that supports the tablet at just the right angle for viewing while resting on knees or seat-back tables. There’s a TabCoosh for most devices including the iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, Mini & Air; Kindle Fire, Paperwhite, Touch, Keyboard; Samsung Galaxy; Google Nexus; Motorola Xoom. They come in a range of designs from funky to staid, so no-one need be excluded.
See the TabCoosh collection: Pick yours here
How much: From £31.50
Where: Get your TabCoosh here

Pod: Keep tabs on your pet while you’re away

Peace of mind... track your pet's whereabouts on your smartphone from anywhere in the world

Peace of mind… track your pet’s whereabouts on your smartphone from anywhere in the world

Research has revealed that around 25% of Brits have opted to stay at home because they’re too worried about their pets to leave them behind. Do you know someone who’s missing out on their hols to stay at home and hold their pet’s paw? Then help is at hand with the new Pod pet tracker. The non-invasive device is small enough to clip to a collar on cats and dogs – but powerful enough to allow the pet’s ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ to enjoy some quality beach time while keeping tabs on Colin the cat or Derek the dog. Owners can use their smartphone to instantly locate their pet from anywhere in the world. Owners can programme ‘safe’ zones – such as a property or neighbourhood – and receive a text alert the moment their pet strays beyond its confines. Local carers can also receive the alert and spring into action to track the pet’s location to within just a few metres. The tracker uses a sim card, but there are no monthly bill to worry about, just a £30.00 annual subscription.
Features include: Real-time location, perimeter alerts, activity tracking, fully waterproof, no contracts or monthly fees, app works on Android and iOS
How much: £129.00
Where: Order your Pod tracker here

Cine camera

Cine camera

RETRO GIFT… Cine camera

Digital video is cheap, handy and of high quality, but it can be soulless and cold – and simply made worse by the use of poorly thought-out filters. So, beat the banality of digital holiday video, by giving a cine camera. The colour, the depth, the warmth of celluloid just can’t be recreated by digital formats and will make a fascinating gift for any traveller that likes to record their forays to foreign lands. Cine film can easily be transferred to a digital format or shown on an original reel-to-reel projector.
How much: From £25.00

Grid-It: The gadget saver for tech-savvy flyers

Beat the baggage handlers... no more broken gadgets in your suitcase

Beat the baggage handlers… no more broken gadgets in your suitcase

Business travellers or tech fans often have an large number of gadgets that can be thrown around by bored baggage handlers, so give them the gift of this Grid-it solution. It’s is a simple organisation system made up of dozens of elastic bands that hold devices firmly to the inside case. It’s slim and features a rear pocket for more storage. Not glamorous, but the commercial travellers will love it while baggage handlers will be left to ket their kicks from someone else’s baggage.
How much: £11.48
Where: Get organised here

Biolite Campstove and Portable Grill attachment: Burgers and power

Cook and charge... the Biolite stove and grill is portable, uses twigs and charges your phone from self-generated energy

Cook and charge… the Biolite stove is portable, uses twigs and charges your phone from self-generated energy

The perfect gifts for intrepid travellers who might occasionally stray beyond the confines of their hotel room. Whether in the middle of the Australian outback – or having a barbie on a beach in Benidorm, they’ll never go hungry or fall from the cellular radar with this Biolite Campstove and Portable Grill attachment. The Campstove base unit uses a high-tech set of self-powered internal fans to improve combustion and deliver smoke-free flames in minutes – but it can also divert surplus electricity to charge smartphones and other such devices. You won’t need to take fuel with you, either; the stove unit is powered by twigs and scraps of wood you can find just lying around. Charging a phone will take around 2 hours, but a couple great gadgets for the environmentally savvy traveller who’s in touch with nature.
How much:
Biolite Campstove: £124.95
Biolite Portable Grill: £56.95
Biolite Campstove
Biolite Portable Grill

Overboard Phone Case: Underwater action for your iPhone

Beneath the waves... surf in the surf or take underwater pics with your iPhone or iPad

Beneath the waves… surf in the surf or take underwater pics with your iPhone or iPad

Is the Apple addict in your life looking a little down? Perhaps this is down to the fact that unlike Android rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, the iPhone 6 doesn’t have built-in water protection. Don’t worry, though, you can help restore their expression of smug satisfaction with the purchase of a waterproof Overboard phone case. Watertight at depths of up to six metres, so we’re told, mean users can snap underwater pics of tropical fish and surf in the surf with the risk of damaging their precious iPhone or iPad. The cases come with lanyards/shoulder straps for extra peace of mind. It’s not pretty, but neither is seeing an adult bawling after carelessly drowning their new iPhone.
How much: Prices as follows…
iPhone: £16.00
iPad: £32.00
Get them here: Overboard iPhone case

June UV Tracking Bracelet: Help sun lovers avoid the burn

Beat the burn... let the June bracelet tell ou when to make for the shade

Beat the burn… let the June bracelet tell ou when to make for the shade

It’s the perfect gift for the beach-loving sun-seeker in your life. The June UV Tracking Bracelet could just be the difference between a gentle sun-kissed complexion and the less-than-flattering appearance of an over-cooked jacket potato. The glam-looking bracelet works alongside an app and offers real-time UV exposure and tells users when they need to bail out of the sun and make for the shade. The i0S-based app also offers bespoke sun-protection information based on the user’s skin tone. The chic bracelet is available with jewels in three colours; platinum, gold and gun metal. It also has the choice of leather or premium silicone wrapband.
How much: From £75.00
Where: Get it here

Sony Walkman

Sony Walkman

RETRO GIFT…Sony Walkman

You know everyone’s got one somewhere at the back of the garage or corner of the loft… so now it’s time to dig out that cassette collection and let someone relive the time when the world was new and travelling was played out to a soundtrack delivered by the legendary Sony Walkman. Giving one of these to a travel fan will be met by wide-eyed amazement and the flicker of distant memories. We all know that memories and experiences are much better in analogue.
How much: From £20.00

Lifestraw Go: Instant fresh clean water for all

Get fresh... instant clean, safe drinking water from virtually any source

Get fresh… instant clean, safe drinking water from virtually any source

The perfect gift for anyone who travels just about anywhere beyond the Isle Of Wight. From minerals to bacteria, sensitive Brit tums baulk at the thought of anything less than pure bottled H20 (or multiple pints of lager or local vino) the moment we step from the shore of Blighty. However, it’s not always possible to get hold of clean water, so the Lifestraw Go makes the perfect gift for anyone who travels abroad. Unlike the original Lifestraw, you don’t need to suck water directly from muddy puddles or the like, but simply fill the bottle like normal. The smart device instantly strips baddies from the liquid as you drink. It filters a maximum of 1000 litres of water, which is enough for one person for a full year. It’s not just a gimmick, either; it’s saving lives in disaster zones all around the globe.
How much: £25.20 (approx.)
Where: Get a Lifestraw Go here

Samsung Galaxy Fame: Cheap and unlocked for overseas comms

Talk is cheap... especially when you travel abroad with a Three phone

Talk is cheap… especially when you travel abroad with a Three phone

Buying for a child who’s off travelling or anyone that takes regular trips overseas? This affordable phone from Three makes a perfect present to keep a cap on foreign communication costs. The benefits of Three are two-fold: firstly, Three has introduced its Feel At Home plan in 16 destinations — with more to come. This lets you use your allowance to call and text the UK and use data just as you would at home, without paying a penny more. Additionally, all of Three’s phones are sold unlocked, so the recipient can also use local sim card if required. The Samsung is a well-features phone, too, with camera, internet and all the essentials included.
How much: £45.99
Where: Get connected here

Monopod Selfie Stick Bluetooth: Take selfies with Bluetooth remote

Get some selfie respect... Bluetooth controlled shots

Get some selfie respect… Bluetooth controlled shots

Looking for the ideal stocking filler for the travel fan in your life? Putting this extendable ‘selfie-stick’ at the top of your hit-list will prove a sure-fire winner whatever their age. From teens to octogenarians, you’ll have to look long and hard to find anyone who’s not completely selfie-obsessed. The Smoothshot selfie stick can handle most phones up to 75mm in width – or cameras with a standard ¼” mounting point. The monopod can extend up to one metre and includes a Bluetooth remote control blipper to operate the camera. No more dodgy angles as they contort their body to reach out and take photos, just beautifully posed pics with perfectly framed attractions a backdrops.
What phones work with the Bluetooth remote shutter? Good question, here’s a list…
Apple iPhone 4/4S 5/5G/5S 5C
Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 / S3 i9300 / S3 mini i8190 / S4 i9500 / S4 Mini i9190 / S4 Active i9295 / Note i9220 / Note 2 II N7100 / Mega 5.8 i9150 / Mega 6.3 i9200 / Note 3 III N9000, HTC ONE M7 / ONE MINI M4 / ONE X / ONE S / DROID DNA
Sony Xperia Z L36h / Xperia Z Ultra XL39h / Xperia ZL L35h /Z1 L39h
Nokia Lumia 1020 / 920 / 820 / 720 / 520 / 625 / 925
LG Nexus 4 E960 / Optimus G Pro F240 / Optimus G2 F340 / Nexus 5 D82
Blackberry Z10 / Q10
Motorola XT910 / XT926 etc
How much: £9.97
Where: Get your selfie stick here

Rollie Eggmaster: Forget frying poaching or boiling… go egg-on-a-stick

Buying for a regular business traveller? Then help them stay fit and avoid endless greasy hotel breakfasts with this amazing new Egg On A stick device. No messy cooking, just pop the portable device in a suitcase, buy some eggs on arrival and let them enjoy perfectly cooked eggs… on a stick. Simply give the internal chamber a light spray of cooking oil, then crack and pour in a couple of eggs and press go. No need to time it either, it’s all automatic. Simply eat off the stick, slice for salads or plop it on a plate and eat with a knife and fork. Okay, so you still think it’s a bit weird, right? Simply watch the video and tell us you wouldn’t want to wake up a hot, fluffy cylinder of egg on your self-catering hols or business trip. You can also add ham, mushroom and the like for tasty cylindrical lunch and dinner options.

How much: £29.99
Where: Get the egg-on-a-stick machine here

Polaroid instant

Polaroid instant

RETRO GIFT… Polaroid Instant Camera

Digital photography is like asking a mathematician to create an image… it will be correct and adhere to the same rules pretty much every time… whereas, a Polaroid image is more like asking an Absinthe-addled Toulouse Lautrec to paint a picture of what you’re looking at through the viewfinder. Imagine the outcome of these two scenarios as your travel-loving giftee is preparing to capture a sunset over the pyramids or rainbow framing the Sydney Opera House… which do you think would make the shot that provokes most interest? Give the gift of Polaroid’s instant photography. We want one – now!
How much: From £30.00

iStorage datAshur Personal: Secure data storage

Secure data... all your files are password protected

Secure data… all your files are password protected

Another ideal gift for business travellers who need the ability to quickly and securely back up and transport sensitive data. Whereas portable memory sticks are easy to lose and simple to access, the iStorage dataAshur Personal is secure and can only be accessed by entering the user’s PIN code using the on-board keypad. Data is also encrypted to military standard.
How much:
From £41.34
Where: Get protected here

Smartphone timelapse turntable: Capture it all in a moment

Look around... see the whole picture of stunning holiday locations

Look around… see the whole picture of stunning holiday locations

Everyone’s fighting to get the best travel photos, which is why this smartphone timelapse turntable makes a perfect present for anyone who wants to move beyond the static and take their holiday pics to a new level. Timelapse apps are plentiful, but without the hardware to take advantage of them, the results are often pitiful. Not a problem with this piece of kit in hand, though. Powered by clockwork, the turntable offers a smooth progression of up to 360 degrees, recording the timelapse over a period of up to 60 minutes. Once complete, most apps – such as Lapse It  – will let the user share the professional-looking timelapse on everything from Twitter to Facebook. A must for the snap-happy travel fan in your life.
How much: £19.99
Where: Timelapse turntable here

Luci Outdoor Inflatable Solar Lantern: Let there be light anywhere

Blow-up light... solar-powered inflatable lantern for your hols

Blow-up light… solar-powered inflatable lantern for your hols

Great for those heading off on a backpacking trip, the lightweight and waterproof solar lantern ensures that there’ll always be a ready supply of free light wherever they are. In the morning, simply deflate it and stow it in a backpack. The ideal emergency lighting solution when batteries or mains power can’t be relied on.
How much: £15.00 (approx.)
Where: Get your inflatable light here

The Panono Panorama Camera ball: All-seeing-pics

No hiding place... 360-degree photos at the toss of a ball

No hiding place… 360-degree photos at the toss of a ball

Forget cheap smartphone apps, if you’re serious about your holiday snaps, then the Panono camera ball is all you need. Simply toss the ball into the air, where clever tech will calculate the highest point where it’s barely moving before triggering its 36 internal cameras to produce a stunning 360-degree panorama. You can then preview it on your smartphone before sharing it on social media sites or embedding it on a blog page. Just look at this example taken below the Eifel Tower in Paris.

See it in action: Here’s a panorama taken with the Panono…

How much: £430.00 (approx)
Where: Order your Panono here

Atari games console

Atari games console

RETRO GIFT… Atari Games Console

So, picture this… downtime in the apartment on a family holiday: Mum and dad catching up on work emails and Facebook posts on their smartphone, while little Archie and Amelia slouch on the sofa playing inanely on their iPads. It’s great to spend some quality time together right? Let the God of Retro save the day by guiding you to purchase the gift of conversation and togetherness for the travelling clan close to you… step forward the Atari Games Console. Plug it into the appartment TV and the kids will be amazed by games their folks once played. Throw in a bundle of games and your work will be done.
How much: From £30.00 with games

Aiptek PocketCinema Q20 Projector: Holiday cinema for all

Pocket projector... films directly from your phone or memory card projected on the wall

Pocket projector… keep kids holiday happy with films directly from your phone or memory card projected on the wall

This Aiptek PocketCinema Q20 Projector makes an amazing gift for any traveller, but especially those with kids. Digital is great, but few things can beat the excitement of rolling back the years by projecting your smartphone and tablet movies on a big screen – or holiday apartment wall. Get the popcorn in and either deliver movies and TV programmes from a micro SD/SDHC, USB dongle, smartphone or tablet. Media can be projected on to a screen size of up to 125cm (diagonal). Plays Q‐1080p (960 x 540) resolution in 16:9 aspect ratio and supports full HD video.
How much: £79.99
Where: Get a pocket projector here

TrackDot Luggage Tracker: Keep on the case of your missing case

Keep tabs on your cases... track your case on a smartphone from anywhere in the world

Keep tabs on your cases… track your case on a smartphone from anywhere in the world

If you’re buying for a prolific traveller, then they’ll certainly appreciate this compact luggage tracker as the perfect gift. Most of us will have experienced the crushing realisation that our bags have changed their holiday plans at the last moment and decided to head to an alternative mystery destination. The thought of spending the next five days in the pants you stand won’t do much to improve your mood – which is where the TrackDot device comes in. The recipient of your gift simply pops it in their suitcase before loading the accompanying app and tracking its location on their smartphone – via the free app – with the help of super-accurate GPS positioning. So, should the worst happen – they’ll be able to inform the offending airline of its location and get them to return it before the bagless traveller’s pants get too whiffy.
How much: £79.99
Where: Get your bags located here

Rapoo E6300 Bluetooth Keyboard: Type on the go with ease

Type anywhere... connect to your phone or tablet for holiday work or journals

Type anywhere… connect to your phone or tablet for holiday work or journals

Whether you’re buying for a regular traveller or business-tripper, this compact Bluetooth keyboard will make the perfect gift. From writing up a travel blog to catching up with some work on the plane, the Rapoo E600 is thin and light enough to fit in your hand luggage (the keyboard measures 8.0 x 3.2 x 0.5 inches and weighs 5.6 ounces) and connects to smartphones or tablets. A single charge lasts for about a month and it has 15 hotkeys for an iPad, including search and music play/pause. It comes in either black or white versions. A well regarded keyboard by many experts.

Nintendo GameBoy

Nintendo GameBoy

RETRO GIFT… GameBoy gaming

Fed up with spending hundreds on an iPad only to have it hijacked by the kids the moment you step on the plane or kick back on the sun lounger? Us too! Throw the tech-hungry delinquents off the scent by purchasing them a retro GameBoy. The handheld device was released in 1990, with revisions in 1996 and 1998. Almost 12 million handsets were sold so there’ll be plenty on the used market. Kids will look slightly confused by it, but will soon become hooked. Just make sure you buy plenty of the infuriating games to go with it. You might reclaim the iPad, but we reckon you’ll soon be competing for control of the GameBoy, instead. The height of retro cool.
How much: From £18.00 with games

THE GIFT OF… Worry-free travel for all

Do you have a friend or relative that loves travel, but has been forced to clip their wings due to health concerns? Why not have a chat with them and consider one of these travel health gadgets. Providing the doc agrees, it might be enough to help boost their confidence to get them back travelling. Just hover on the hotspots below for more information or click here for the full travel health gadgets article.

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