A Cheap “Staycation” Holiday?

I was chatting with a friend. I asked her where she and her husband were going on their early May break. She said: “We are off to spend a week in Hungary.”

The next time I saw her I asked how her holiday had gone. “It was great! While you had 8C here, it was 30C in Hungary!.”

We got to discussing holidays in the UK. Had she and her husband any plans for a ‘staycation?’ She replied, with a laugh: “Good grief, no! The weather in the UK is too cold and too wet! I’d rather go somewhere warm and exotic when I have time off. And I know Mike (her husband) feels the same!”

But is it still cheaper to spend a fortnight in a cottage in, say, Cornwall, than a package deal with flights to a somewhat more exotic destination? Actually, it probably will not save you any money at all and might even cost you more.

Two weeks in a decent quality cottage suitable for a family of up to six (two adults, four children) could set you back from between £1500 to £3000, depending on several factors, including season variations and the like.

Driving to Cornwall could cost you between £100 to £200 (depending on what type of vehicle you use and distance travelled) and you could add that much again for driving around whilst on your holiday.

And do not forget that eating out could cost up to £100 a day or more, if you like eating in good quality restaurants. There’s breakfast, lunch, snacks, evening meals and that’s not counting ice creams and money for visits to tourist attractions. If you were to take a family of six (two adults and four children aged five and over) the on the door price of tickets to the Eden Centre, for example, would be over £80. And there are the gifts and souvenirs that you would have to buy, too.

Staycation Holidays

So a nice ‘cheap’ holiday in a cottage in Cornwall could end up being anything but cheap. A worst case scenario (peak season) could cost between £3,000 to £5,000, including all costs including travel to and from Cornwall.

Depending on when you wanted to travel and where you wanted to holiday you should be able to get an all inclusive holiday to a sunny destination (including air fares) for between £3,000 to £5,000, about how much a holiday in a luxury cottage in Cornwall could cost you!

Destinations like Bulgaria or Hungary for an all inclusive holiday would sit at the lower end of the price spectrum, Greece, etc., at the higher end. But there are always late bargains to be had, so an all inclusive holiday for your family to a hot and exotic destination, (coupled with the great rates for airport parking and extras like airport hotels available through APH) could cost about the same as a self-catering holiday in a cottage in the UK. Perhaps even less, depending on a variety of factors. So don’t be fooled into a “cheap” staycation in Britain and get those bags packed!

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