Have you been caught out by one of these easily avoided MOT fails?

Over 70,000 British Motorists are failing their MOT test for reasons that could easily avoided. Stats from Scrap Car Comparison have revealed drivers are failing for ridiculous reasons – including poor hygiene.


Although some MOT failures are more common than others – worn out brake pads, worn tyres and poorly aimed headlights – a shocking 2,416 people received a refusal of MOT because their vehicles were too dirty and inaccessible.

Alarmingly, many motorists are also receiving a refusal of MOT for their vehicle because of environmental health grounds – motors have been full of fast food leftovers, cartons and cans of drink, with some drivers risking their own health due to mould growing inside the vehicle.

What are the biggest easily avoidable MOT failures?

Alongside the more common fails, drivers are failing for small errors that could be easily avoided. One of the biggest MOT fails is down to a lack of windscreen washer fluid – a simple maintenance task that could avoid a retest.

Motorists are also failing due to registration plate issues – these include dirty number plates, wrong coloured plates or illegal fonts.

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