Is your car safely parked? Interactive map tells you the best places to park your car in your neighbourhood based on recent crime statistics

Just under 800,000 vehicle-related thefts were reported across the UK last year, so it’s understandable that you may be worried about where you leave your car.

Where is safe to park?

Where is safe to park?

Fortunately, a new tool from Co-op Insurance has been launched to help quickly identify where it might be safer to park your car in a street.

Similar to the crime map, the map allows you to punch in your postcode and it will display the crime rates in your local area. The Co-op park tool shows six months of vehicle crime up to April, updating each time updates their own crime distribution map.

It’s a simple way to find out where, if any, the crime hotspots are in your area and where your car could potentially be at risk.

Enter your postcode below to find out where you should park your motor.  

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