Can you beat this devilishly difficult car warning light quiz? Take the test to find if you’re master of the dashboard

Can you keep up with the car dash icons? It seems that many of us are having problems deciphering what the symbols on our dashboard are trying to tell us.

Research from has revealed that many drivers have no idea what the raft of new symbols mean – and just what the safety implications could be.

Are you keeping up with the car dash icons? Image: Kecko

Are you keeping up with the car dash icons? Image: Kecko

No longer are we simply confronted by the likes oil and temperature warning lights, but we’re now facing an onslaught of illuminated dashboard artwork covering high-tec systems taking on tasks such as brake pad monitoring and autonomous collision prevention.

If these go wrong, you need to know about it, but many Brits are simply ignoring the warning signs and carrying on regardless – often waiting until the next service to have the alert checked over.

Are you aware of what your dashboard is saying to you? Take this devilishly difficult quiz to see if you’re master of the icon or simply a slave to automotive ignorance.

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