Britain’s worst traffic jams revealed: were you stuck in any of these?

Traffic jams on the UK motorways and A roads are costing the economy £9 billion – with some tailbacks leaving motorists stuck for up to 15 hours.

Britain's traffic jam

Were you stuck in any of these jams? Image credit: Thinkstock/dmbaker

New research from Inrix has revealed that there was an average of 3,700 traffic jams across the UK’s motorways and A roads every day.

The worst jam of the year happened on the M5 northbound near Junction 20 on August 4, resulting in 15 hours of disruption with tailbacks of 36 miles. The disruption, caused by an accident after two lorries collided and there was a fuel spill, cost the economy an estimated £2.4 million alone.

The second worst traffic jam of the year was caused by emergency repair work to the Thelwall Viaduct, causing delays on the M6 near Warrington on April 7, 2017. The delays were from Junction 21 back to Junction 16, resulting in eight hours of disruption.

Although the M5 saw the worst individual incident, the M6 motorway featured the most in the top five:

Worst traffic jams over the past 12 months

  • M5, Somerset on August 4 – fuel spill caused 36 miles of tail backs and 15 hours of disruption
  • M6, J21 on April 7 – emergency repairs caused 8 hours of disruption
  • M6, J17-23 on August 25 – a broken down lorry resulted in 8 hours of traffic jams
  • A406W on 29 November 29, 2016 – an accident caused 15 hours of jams
  • M6, J32 on December 13 – a fire and repairs led to 10 hours of traffic disruption

Britian’s top ten most congested roads

It’s not just traffic accidents and unexpected problems resulting in wasted time for UK motorists, some roads are simply overwhelmed by sheer weight of traffic. Here’s the top ten roads hit by traffic congestion and the number of hours lost on them:

  1. A406 Northbound – Chiswick Roundabout to Hanger Lane, London – 73 hrs
  2. A2 Eastbound – New Cross Gate to Prince Charles Road, London – 62 hrs
  3. A3211 Eastbound – Westminster Bridge to London Bridge, London – 57 hrs
  4. A102 Northbound – A2/Kidbrooke to Blackwall Tunnel, London – 51 hrs
  5. A4200 Southbound – Russell Square to Aldwych, London – 50 hrs
  6. A1 Southbound – College Gardens to Wallace Park, Belfast – 49 hrs
  7. A308 Eastbound – Putney Bridge Approach to Sloane Square, London – 46 hrs
  8. A431 Westbound – Bryants Hill to Lawrence Hill, Bristol – 45 hrs
  9. A24 Northbound – Ormeau Road to Ann Street, Belfast – 45 hrs
  10. A6 Northbound – Macclesfield Road to Heaton Lane, Manchester – 44 hrs


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  1. Sue Timmins
    21/10/2017 at 9:53 am

    It would nice to see the M20/A20 coming into Dover on this list sometime. The gridlock caused in our little town when Operation Stack is implemented on the M20 is appalling – the Town gets locked solid.

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