Where are you travelling tonight? Survey reveals our favourite international cuisine

It’s goodbye to roast beef and roll on Rogan Josh as Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine top the list of destinations where hungry Brits will be heading when hunger pangs call.

Italian cuisine tops the Brit international hit list

Italian cuisine tops the Brit international hit list

Forget a gravy-fuelled staycation, the research from restaurant chain Giraffe revealed we’ll consume twice as many foreign-inspired meals compared with traditional Brit favourites over the duration of our lifetime.

While it seems we’re tucking into pizza and pasta at least once a week, the study has revealed we’re willing to travel beyond the norm to experience new international cuisines. From 18-81 we’re likely to consume an average of 819 Mexican meals, 378 Japanese dishes, 252 African dinners and 189 Peruvian dishes.

Giraffe’s research also found we’ll consume 2,079 American meals over the average lifetime, along with 630 French and 567 Thai dishes. However, the hunger for tastebud tourism has left some worries that traditional Brit food is being wiped from the UK’s dinner tables.

This seems to be backed up by claims that seven in 10 said they’re more likely to choose a restaurant serving world cuisine when they dine out, while 60 per cent would order an international dish over a British meal on a menu.

Top 10 popular world cuisines

1) Italian

2) Chinese

3) Indian

4) American

5) Mexican

6) Spanish

7) Thai

8) French

9) Greek

10) Japanese

Have we had our chips?

Tell us about your favourite takeaway destination and the night you like to eat it…

Start your holiday early…

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