Bringing fruit, vegetables and plants into the UK from abroad

Planning to bring a plant into the UK from abroad? You’ll need to make sure you’re allowed, or you could have your newly purchased plant confiscated.

Bringing plants into the UK from the EU

You can bring any plant material from countries within the EU if it adheres to these terms:

  • Grown in an EU country
  • Free from pests and diseases
  • Is for your own use

However, there are some exceptions to these general rules and you cannot bring in any of the following if they are intended for planting:

  • Plants and seeds of Fraxinus (Ash) and Castanea (Sweet chestnut)
  • Plants of Platanus (Plane)

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Bringing plants to the UK from countries not in the EU

If you want to bring plants to the UK from countries not in the EU, there are often a number of restrictions. Many products you bring in for personal use will probably have weight and quantity restrictions and you might need to obtain a relevant phytosanitary document from the plant health authorities in the country where the product was grown – this is to prove that the plant is free from pests and diseases, and is suitable to enter the UK.

You can find out more on what plant material is banned or restricted, as well as more information, from this online leaflet.

Buying plants online or by post from outside the EU

You’ll need to check that the seller can provide a phytosanitary certificate before you purchase any plant materials from countries outside the European Union.

If you’re buying from countries within the EU, then you won’t need to worry about obtaining a certificate.

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