Why booking last minute does not save you money and other myths that could be costing you on your holidays

Booking a holiday requires plenty of planning and preparation, but from the best time to book your flights to using travel agents, there are numerous travel myths to over-complicate the process and often leave you out of pocket. Read on for our myth-busting guide.

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Prepare for your holiday by avoiding these common mistakes

Cash car firm, Revolut has separated the fact from fiction so you can have a stress-free holiday – find out the most common travel myths to watch out for here.

Comparison sites will always save you money – MYTH

This can be true, but many hotels are willing to advertise a cheaper rate if you book directly with them, because this saves them money on commission fees. As well as this, some comparison sites do not list many budget airline or hotel groups, so you could be missing out on the cheaper packages.

Make sure you turn on private browsing as well, many sites use cookies to monitor your activity which can result in an increased price at the checkout.

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Locals know best – MYTH

Have you ever stayed in a local hotel in your hometown? You probably don’t know the all best tourist advice – so it’s unlikely that the locals abroad will either.

Asking fellow travellers for advice and tips would be your best bet as they are more likely to have experience of the surrounding tourist attractions.

Duty free is cheaper than the high street – MYTH

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Is alcohol really cheaper from duty free?

When you’re looking to part with left over holiday cash, duty free always makes a great place to pick up a few bargains. But many items still cost more than the high street – luxury items such as perfume and sunglasses are often the same as price as on your local high street, the real savings come on heavily taxed items such as alcohol.

Booking last-minute is the cheapest way – MYTH

If you’re completely flexible on dates, location and airports then this can be true. But for the majority of us, we will be bound to specific dates with a favoured destination in mind.

Your best bet is to book your holiday three months in advance and head away in May, September or October while the weather is still hot and you can save money.

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Jet lag is caused by a lack of sleep – MYTH

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Jet lag isn’t caused by a lack of sleep

Despite popular belief, jet lag is the result of a massive change in longitude, not the consequence of a lack of sleep.

Your body’s natural 24-clock controls your circadian rhythms which become disrupted when travelling across time zones. Your body clock will try to reset itself to adjust to a new light-dark schedule and daily routine, causing jet lag.

Avoid travel agents, they’re too expensive – MYTH

Travel agents can often come across as being too expensive to even consider booking a holiday through, but while prices can sometimes be higher, they often offer competitive prices to online marketplaces and can include additional perks such as discounts on restaurants or a free excursion.

Eating at the hotel will save you money – MYTH

For those that aren’t all-inclusive, eating at your hotel is typically more expensive than surrounding restaurants. If you’re after cheap food, then find where the locals go – these will be cheaper, managed by locals and have fewer tourists.

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Buying currency with fees is the only option – MYTH

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Don’t get hit by airport currency exchange fees

Exchanging your currency at the airport, supermarkets or with banks will set you back up to 12 per cent in fees, but with a prepaid currency card – such as Revolut – you’ll be able to spend fee-free across the globe with the real exchange rate as well as make free ATM withdrawals, without the hidden fees.

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