Book Your Christmas Holiday Now!

Yes, I know. It’s only September and already some venues are advertising their Christmas part packages, some shops already have Christmas cards on sale… and isn’t it time you thought about booking your Christmas holiday?

Some people like to leave such things until the very last minute. Sometimes with disastrous consequences. A couple I know decided that they would book a Christmas holiday and they told all of their relations and friends that they would not be available over Christmas. They didn’t buy a tree or bother with decorations and, of course, bought no special Christmas food and drink in. Well, why bother? They were going to be on a beach somewhere warm! But for course, as was their habit when booking holidays, they decided to delay booking their special Christmas break until the last possible minute.

Only it did not work out. For a variety of reasons they could not find a suitable holiday so they found themselves alone in their home over Christmas with no decorations, no festive cheer in the form of a turkey or suitable drink and they had a fairly miserable Christmas. And had to face the laughter of friends and family members when they shamefacedly had to admit what they had done! Their reputation for being cost conscious to the point of being parsimonious misers made many people feel that they had only themselves to blame and that they had got their just deserts of more than a little bit of hubris! I of course, expressed my regrets about what had happened to them. Though I admit I did allow myself a smile at their expense when they had gone!

So although it might go against the grain for them, whenever they feel the urge to go away over Christmas they ensure they book their flights and Christmas holidays well in advance! Generally, I feel that is probably good advice for anyone who is looking to book a flight and holiday for a public special event. If you want to spend Christmas in Lapland, New York, Australia, the Greek Islands, on a beach holiday in the Pacific Ocean or on a luxury flight and cruise, book the holiday as early as you can. For ease of getting to and from the airport over the holidays you probably want to self drive rather than rely on public transport, so don’t forget to book some airport car parking with us for a smooth holiday experience. We even offer specialist covered parking to make sure your car doesn’t get buried if it snows!

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