Beware This Health Scam In Turkey

Many British holidaymakers love holidaying in Turkey. What could be simpler? Send your car off for his or her holiday courtesy of APH’s airport car parking service and then jet off to Turkey to enjoy the food, the drink, the beaches, the walks, the ruins…and the visit to a medical facility.

But that’s where it can all go wrong according to Europ Assist. It alleges that tourists must be on their guard against being cheated by unscrupulous doctors or clinics in Turkey, claiming that it has identified “numerous” examples of what it claims was unnecessary medical treatments for minor problems which costs tourists and travel insurers thousands of pounds.

Instances experienced by Europ Assistance customers so far this year include:

Tourists who only wanted to buy a cheap over-the-counter medication being pressured into being driven to a clinic.

Some tourists alleged they felt pressurised by Doctors into signing for more treatment than they received. Whilst some Brits were being placed on trips that were totally unnecessary being put on drips when they were only experiencing minor health problems.

“We are shocked by the number of instances of unnecessary medical treatment, overcharging and pressure on customers occurring in some Turkish clinics this summer,” says Paul Everett, Sales and Marketing Director for Europ Assistance.

“The Turkish medical community are, in the most part, true professionals and we would never want to discourage travellers from visiting the country. However, it is important that tourists receive the correct and appropriate medical treatment for their ailment, therefore we wanted to make the public aware of this potential problem and prevent any further tourists being caught out.”

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