Beat the Tube strike and get to the airport on time

The APH bus can save your trip

The APH bus can save your trip

Planning a Tube trip to reach any of London’s airports over the next couple of days? Don’t panic, there’s still time to swap strike-hit travel plans for the luxury of airport parking – and save a bit of cash over taking a cab, too. Here’s what you need to know about APH and airport parking

Latest news: Tube strike Thursday, August 6

More Tube-inflicted misery is impacting journeys that rely on public transport to reach airports such as Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton and Stansted.

Srike date: Thursday 6 August
There will be no Tube services all day. Extra bus and Thames river services will run, and all other public transport services and roads will be much busier than usual

How can I beat the strike?

Taking a bus is an option, but these will be extremely crowded and virtually impossible for those with cases. You could also consider a cab, which is likely to put a serious dent in your budget. Taking your car and parking it in a secure, manned car park near the airport will be much easier for carrying bags and will help ensure you make your flight on time. Here’s the information you need…

Can I still book a car parking space: Yes. Most of our car parks can be pre-booked even as late as the day of travel.

I’ve heard it’s really expensive: Booking short-stay on-airport parking can be enough to bring tears to your wallet, but secure off-airport parking will often prove cheaper than hiring a cab.

Surely not: Yes. Here’s an example.

Save cash and travel in luxury

Save cash and travel in luxury


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If you’ve never used airport parking before, here is how it works and the options available.

Secured off-airport parking: Fully manned car parks located at secure sites near the airport. Drive to the facility, leave your keys at reception and jump on a free shuttle bus to the terminal. Transfer times are typically no more than 20 minutes. Your car will remain in a secure compound with 24-hour security patrols. Look for holders of the police-approved Park Mark® Safer Parking Award.
Best for: Price. These car parks mostly operate 24 hours a day, so make a great solution for all types of trips.
Get a quote for off-airport parking here

On-airport parking: These facilities are usually located within the airport complex, with transfers typically taking less than five minutes. Some are even within walking distance of the terminal. Along with the handy location, most offer the ease of self-park operation.
Best for: Convenience. Users benefit from minimal transfer times to the terminal. Great for trips where you’re running to a tight schedule and want to save as much times as possible. Will cost more than off-airport sites.
Get a quote for on-airport parking here

Meet and greet (valet airport car parking): The ultimate airport parking service. Drive to the terminal where you’ll be met by a chauffeur who’ll transfer your car to a secure compound – while you head to the check-in desk. On your return to the airport, your car will be ready and waiting for you to drive it away.
Best for: From travellers on a strict timetable, to anyone who simply wants to enjoy the luxury of arrive-and-go air travel – meet and greet is the service to choose.
Get a quote for meet and greet parking here


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