Could there be another ash cloud if Bali’s Mount Agung erupts? Watch the ‘volcano’ live here

Authorities in Bali are reporting a dramatic rise in tremors coming from the volcano on Bali’s Mount Agung, but could an eruption and ash cloud cause travel disruption for flights?

Here’s what we know about the situation in Bali and how any eruption could impact on your travel plans.

Watch Mount Agung live here

See the latest situation with this live video stream of Mount Agung.

When will the volcano erupt?

Officials have raised the alert level to level 4 (the highest possible), but it is impossible to say when or even if the volcano will erupt.  Experts have warned the uncertainty could last for weeks or even months before there is an eruption or the risk recedes.

Will my holiday to Bali be cancelled? What is the official Gov.UK advice?

At the moment, there is no indication that holidaymakers will be stopped from travelling to Bali. The local government has stated that travellers will be kept out of harm’s way if the worst should happen. However, keep an eye on what advice the Gov.UK site is giving before you travel. Currently, there are no specific warnings.

Here is what the Gov.UK site is advising on Tuesday, November 30:

“Following the eruption of Mount Agung, travel to and from Bali is currently subject to disruption and airport closures are likely to continue to occur at short notice; you should confirm your travel arrangements directly with your airline or travel agent. If you have queries about your visa or need an extension due to delayed departure from the country, you can speak to the immigration service on the third floor of the International Terminal at Ngurah Rai Airport. If you need to leave Bali urgently during airport closures there are options for overland travel and further information is available from the Customer Service desk situated on the third floor of the International Terminal of the airport. In the event of a major eruption, unless you’re asked to evacuate the area, you should remain indoors”

Click here for the latest full advice

What happens if there is an eruption and I am affected by ash?

Click below to download a leaflet from the International Volcanic Health Hazard Network, which will explain volcanic health hazards and how to prepare and cope with ashfall from an active volcano.

Click here for advice on what to do if caught in volcanic ash

Are tourists already in Bali at risk?

There should not be any danger to tourists on the island, as they’ll be kept well away from the Mount Agung. The big worry is that they could be stuck on the island if airports are hit by an ash cloud.

Should I cancel my trip?

The risk of an eruption and ash cloud will be a worry for some travellers and it’s been reported that some airlines are offering refunds for worried passengers. Many aircraft are also carrying extra fuel to mitigate the risk of being diverted to other airports. Ferries are also being readied to evacuate up to 60,000 tourists should the need arise.

Will there be ash cloud problems similar to those that that ground thousands of flights in 2010

At the moment, the problems would likely be localised with airspace shut down over Denpasar, according to experts. This could hit travellers attempting to leave Bali and other destinations in the area. Depending on winds and how strong the eruption is, the disruption could spread further afield.

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