Airport Parking, Hotels, plus a few Bicycles

APH has never been a company to rest on its laurels. Long the champion of innovative airport parking solutions, APH has decided to begin some innovations closer to home. Due to a proactive stance by APH, its workers can now enjoy the benefits of the government innovative to encourage more people to cycle to and from work.

“At APH we have just introduced the cycle to work scheme. Basically the company pays for the bike and we pay it back over the months, plus it can save you up to 40% off the price of the bike.”

“A few people here are interested and we will hopefully have a fitter and healthier work force. So far three employees have taken advantage of the scheme and its only been in place a few weeks,” explained an APH colleague.

Helping to get staff out of their cars and onto a bicycle is a noble effort. A challenge, one might argue? If so, it is a challenge that APH as a caring, considerate employer was more than willing to face up to.

The scheme -like most government schemes!- is perhaps more confusing than it might be, but there is help available to help potential participants to implement such a scheme for their employees.
Just visit this website for further details

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