65% of British parents says it’s ‘not fine’ to fine – taking kids out of school and how to save on those half-term breaks

The frustrations of parents being penalised for taking their children out of school for a holiday during term time has been revealed.


Beat the jump in half-term premiums with our tips below

More than half of parents in questioned a recent survey have taken their children out of school at least once during term time, and half of those fined would take the risk again.

In an attempt to beat the costs of half-term holiday increases, parents are opting to take their annual holidays during school term times, running the risk of facing fines for taking their child out of school.

The survey from Kiwi.com also revealed that parents say they save an average of £686 booking holidays during term time.

It’s not just the cost of trips in the school holidays, but parents also struggle to get time of work, often competing with other parents for the same leave.

Here some of the ways you can beat the hike in half-term prices and save money on your annual holidays.

1) Head to Scotland for the cheapest half-term flights

If you’re located in the North of England – or even further south – swapping your local airport and departing from Scotland could save huge amounts of cash for summer half-term flights – due to different half-term dates between Scotland and England.

2) Use planned inset days to save £100s and beat holiday hikes.

With a big rise in the number of fines being issued for unauthorised term-time absences in 2017, inset days can help parents save cash when it comes to booking their holidays.

3) Getting to the airport – how to cut the cost

Along with being the great for stress-free travel the airport, taking your own car – with its own child seats already in place – it’s cheaper than box taxis and most trains.

4) Pre-book your airport parking

Leave your airport parking until the last minute and you’ll pay hundreds more.

5) Reclaim Air Passenger Duty for kids under 16

While APD is creeping up by a few pounds for adults, it has now been abolished entirely for children under 16 – if they’re flying in economy. The ‘duty’ was axed for children under 12 in 2015, but from March 1, 2016, this was extended to kids aged 12-16.

6) Take your kids out of school for term-time

Sometimes paying the fines can still save you money on your flights by leaving a few days before half-term kicks in.

7) Choose the right time to book your flight

Booking your flights at the right time can save you hundreds. From two weeks to 25 weeks in advance, use this handy tool from Skyscanner to figure out the best time to book your flights.

8) Reclaim cash with flight delay compensation

If your flights gets cancelled or delayed do not hesitate in trying to claim back money. Use this handy tool to reveal how much you could be owed.

9) Swerve the hotel or resort

Hotel chains and resorts are more likely to hit by high demand and higher prices, but looking away from the package deals and booking your own accommodation using websites such as Airbnb.co.uk and Housetrip.com can save you up to 30%.

10) Spread the cost

If the price of taking a holiday sends you into a cold sweat, then get yourself a credit card that offers interest-free payments over a number of months. This will help you spread the cost over the year without paying interest.

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