60 Second Interview: Francesca Thwaites, Head of Channel Sales

Here we meet Head of Channel sales, Francesca Thwaites, who takes our 60-second interview on what her job at APH involves…

Francesca Thwaites, Head of Channel Sales… 60-second interview

Francesca Thwaites

Francesca Thwaites

Q) Can you define the term Channel Sales and its fit in APH?

Channel Sales is about working in partnership with third parties to promote and sell APH products and, in turn, help the partners’ business.

Q) What makes APH stand out from the competition?

  • Greater control over capacity as APH own/operate many of the spaces.
  • Offer unique airport parking and hotel packages
    • Hotels packaged with APH secure parking at all the major airports
    • Flexible parking durations – not just the industry standard 8 or 15 day durations – with APH, customers will only pay for the parking they need.
    • Packages can sometimes work out only a little more than parking alone.
  • Customer friendly booking terms
    • Customers can cancel up to 24 hours before date of departure
    • No booking fees
  • Quality Standards
    • Bus and coach GPS system to monitor bus service 24/7, extensive CCTV, secure compounds, Safer Parking Award
  • Award Winning
    • Six times winner of the British Travel Award for “Best Airport Parking” company.

Q) Tell us about your responsibilities at APH

I am responsible for keeping our channel partners happy and developing the relationship.

We recruit, train and manage a successful team of Account Managers and oversee the management of the Contact Centre. We identify, approach and win new business whilst developing existing accounts to their full potential. The team pride ourselves on building long-term happy relationships.

Q) How do you like spending your free time?

I love spending my time with my family, I have two daughters, aged 3 and 6 and my perfect day would to be outside with them exploring.

Q) If you could spend a week anywhere where would you go? 

Bora Bora.

Q) Finally, which do you prefer peanut butter or Marmite?


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