Ride and eat your way around the world in 183 days…

Ride, eat and drink your way around the world... while raising cash to fight cancer

Ride, eat and drink your way around the world… while raising cash to fight cancer

Want to see the world? Get in the saddle, pull on your pumps and join APH’s round-the-world cycle and jogging rally… as we attempt to cover 20,000 miles to raise £20,000 for the fight against cancer.

Join the team as we convert the 20,000 miles you cycle for The University of Southampton’s Cancer Immunology appeal into a human-powered jaunt around the world. Get ready to ride and run as we set off from APH Gatwick and head for the equally exotic surroundings of Sydney, Australia.

Don’t worry, though, it won’t all be buttock-bashing pain as we cross the continents, we’ll be stopping along the way to dismount and relax over a host of local delicacies.

Six-month countdown: First stop… Paris

Countdown: Here’s how long we’ve all got left to cycle and run 20,000 miles to raise £20,000 for the University of Southampton’s Centre for Cancer Immunology…

We’re jumping on our bikes and pulling on our pumps as we set-off for Paris – the first stop in our 20,000-mile self-powered jaunt from APH Gatwick to Sydney, Australia. Get pedalling and pounding the streets and see you in the City of Light for croissants and stupidly strong coffee… au revoir for now.

APH Gatwick – Sydney, Australia
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How it works – and how you’ll be rewarded…

It’s simple! We’ve mapped a 20,000-mile route zig-zagging the globe from APH Gatwick to Sydney, Australia – and we’ll convert your mileage covered in the UK to distance travelled on our round-the-world rally.

Then, as we reach our pre-planned stop-overs, we’ll enjoy an office, or pub-based local delicacy. Join now to get your passport.

Here’s the 20,000-mile route and what to expect…

Here are all the exotic places you’ll visit – and the treats you’ll enjoy when you reach them…


APH Gatwick to Paris

APH Gatwick to Paris

APH Gatwick – Paris, France

Distance: A mere 300miles

Reward: Well done! We made it across the Channel and into Paris. Time to don onions, chomp garlic and enjoy a brunch of croissants, soft but smelly cheese and unfeasibly strong coffee.

Useful phrase of the day:
Google French: Avez-vous une crème pour ma légèrement irritée derrière.
Translation: Do you have a cream for my slightly chafed behind.

Paris to Rome

Paris to Rome

Paris, France – Rome, Italy

Distance: A respectable 883 miles

Reward: It’s a big au revoir to France as we head to the Eternal City… so, when in Rome… let’s take a break from the healthy stuff and fill our boots with a Roman orgy of hot, sloppy pizza!

Useful phrase of the day:
Google Italian: Ciao mr italiano, dove posso comprare pantaloni imbottiti, per favore?
Translation: Hello Mr Italian fellow, where I can buy padded pants, please?

Rome to McDonalds HQ

Rome to McDonalds HQ

Rome to Geneva – JFK Airport New York – McDonalds Dr, Oak Brook, IL, USA

Distance: A gluteal-toning 1417 miles

Reward: We’re out of Europe – calm down Nigel – and heading across the US to the world headquarters of a certain burger chain… hello Maccy D’s! Guess what we’re having for our dinner…

Useful phrase of the day:
American: Yes I do want fries with that, buddy!
Translation: Indeed, Sir, I will have a bag of those processed sticks of fat and potato-based coronary heart disease you proffer as an alternative to the Great British chip! Thanks.

McDonalds to Mexico City

McDonalds to Mexico City

McDonald’s HQ – Mexico City

Distance: A gluteal-toning 2044 miles

Reward: Leaving the fast food behind it’s time to taco long ride and travel fajita and wide as we dodge awful puns on the way to our next destination of Mexico City.

Useful phrase of the day:
Google Spanish: Me preocupa que la salsa de jalapeño y 5000 millas de ciclismo no terminará bien.
Translation: I worry that consuming such large amounts of jalapeno sauce after cycling 5K miles may not end well.

Mexico City to Havana, Cuba

Mexico City to Havana, Cuba

Mexico City, Mexico – via ferry to Havana, Cuba

Distance: A swift 1255miles

Reward: From Mexico we take a ride through Cuba as we head to the capital Havana. Roll a fat one and be careful not to Fidel Castro yourself on that crossbar, chaps. Aside from cigars, which are banned due to health reasons, we’ll be planning an evening jaunt to sip mojitos and cervezas…

Useful phrase of the day:
Google Spanish: Se trata de un kit de reparación de pinchazos , pero me alegro de verte.
Translation: No – it’s a puncture repair kit but I am nethertheless most pleased to see you.

Havana to Turkey

Havana to Turkey

Havana Cuba – Antonio Maceo Airport, Cuba – Bodrum Milas Mugla Airport in Turkey to Ankara

Distance: A tummy-toning 1004 miles

Reward: With Havana safely ticked off the list, we’re back on the road and heading across Turkey for a slap up meal with all the trimmings…

Useful phrase of the day:
Google Turkish: Orada uyuşmuş gitmek için normal mi?
Translation: Is it normal for ‘that’ to go numb?

Ankara, Turkey - Moscow, Russia

Ankara, Turkey – Moscow, Russia

Ankara, Turkey – Moscow, Russia

Distance: It’s time to Putin the effort and stop Stalin as we cover the 2004 miles to Moscow.

Reward: Let’s get Russian to our next big night out… it’s vodka time.

Useful phrase of the day:
Google Russian: Нет полоний-210 для меня, я не буду иметь мою водку прямо.
Translation: No Polonium-210 for me, I’ll have my voddy straight, please.

Moscow - Beijing - Hong Kong

Moscow – Beijing – Hong Kong

Moscow, Russia – fly to Beijing – Beijing Airport – Hong Kong

Distance: It’s time to hit the road for our Chinese trip as we ‘takeaway’ 1355 miles from our 20k total.

Reward: Congratulations… we’ve crossed the halfway mark and we’re celebrating with a Chinese banquet.

Useful phrase of the day:
Google Chinese: Wǒ kělián de miàntiáo (我可怜的面条).
Translation: My poor noodles.

Hong Kong - Japan

Hong Kong – Japan

Hong Kong – fly to Kagoshima Airport, Japan – Sapporo, Japan

Distance: Riding the length of Japan, we cover 1518 miles to its fourth-largest city, Sapporo.

Reward: Wasabi? Time to claim your reward of an authentic sushi buffet.

Useful phrase of the day:
Google Japanese: Watashi no ria wa, kono o sushi no yō ni namadesu (私のリアは、このお寿司のように生です).
Translation: My rear is raw like your fish.

Japan to Bangalore Airport to New Delhi, India

Japan to Bangalore Airport to New Delhi, India

Sappora, Japan – Kagoshima Airport – Bangalore Airport, India – New Delhi 

Distance: Can you smell the curry? It’s a mere 2965 miles away…

Reward: As the British summer glances towards autumn, it’s time to enjoy an Indian dinner.

Useful phrase of the day:
Google Hindi:
15,000 ਮੀਲ ਇੱਕ ਸਾਈਕਲ ਸਵਾਰ ਦੇ ਬਾਅਦ, ਇੱਕ ਬੀਫ vindaloo ਆਦੇਸ਼ ਇੱਕ ਗਲਤੀ ਵੀ ਹੋ ਸਕਦਾ ਹੈ.
Translation: Sadly, after 15,000 miles in the saddle, I fear ordering a beef vindaloo may not have been my smartest move, ever.

New Delhi, India - Bangkok, Thailand

New Delhi, India – Bangkok, Thailand

New Delhi, India – Bangkok, Thailand

Distance: Heading into the home straight now, with 2671 mile to Bangkok…

Reward: Arriving in the Thai capital will signal a celebration of the finest local cuisine and beer.

Useful phrase of the day:
Google Thai:
Translation: I believe a Thai massage may be required.

Bangkok to Darwin, Australia to the finish line in Sydney...

Bangkok to Darwin, Australia to the finish line in Sydney…

Bangkok Airport – Darwin, Australia – Sydney, Australia

Distance: Just 2584-spider–and–snake–dodging–miles to go…

Reward: Throw a shrimp on the Barbie and your bike in Sydney Harbour… you’ve made it! Relax and enjoy a huge celebration BBQ.

One last
useful phrase of the day:
Fair dinkum, I gave it a burl and it was grouse doing big mobs, but it’d be bottler if the boss said hooroo to anymore yakka pushie gigs.
Translation: I applaud his plan and it was indeed pleasurable to cycle many miles for such a worthy cause, but it would be considerably easier on my glutes if the boss would only get a new hobby!

Maps Google maps

Round the world in 183 days… FAQs

Get your instant guide to what the campaign is all about: Click here

What’s the 2020 Cycling Challenge all about
Covering six months between April 1st and September 30th, we’re asking APH staff to cycle (or run) 20,000 miles to raise £20,000 for the University of Southampton’s £25 million appeal!

We can’t cycle or run 20,000 miles
It sounds a lot, but if 100 staff members join it equates to an individual total of 200 miles – or just 8 miles a week. Some will pledge to cycle or run more, so this total could easily fall well below that. The more people who take part, the fewer miles we’ll all have to complete.

I haven’t got time to fill sponsor forms
Don’t worry, you won’t have to bother friends or family’; APH will sponsor all participating staff 50p a mile… doubling that to £1 per mile if we reach our goal of 20,000 miles. That’s a total of £20,000 you can raise to help in the battle against cancer.

Why should I get involved
Along with raising vital cash to help battle cancer, it’ll be a great way to boost cycling safety awareness, get fit for the summer and have a whole load of fun along the way! We’ll even be organising lunchtime and evening cycle rides, too… so you won’t have to hit the road alone…

I don’t have a bike or loads of money…
You can save pots of cash and get a great bike through the Cycle to Work Scheme (C2W).  Find out details of the huge savings you can make here: http://www.bike2workscheme.co.uk/

You can also use this C2W Calculator to reveal how little you might have to pay: Click here

Alternatively, you could always just pull on your pumps and get running instead.

Round the World Challenge – bag free food, drink and a huge BBQ along the way…
To make the challenge even more exciting – and mouth-watering – we’ll be converting all our miles cycled in the UK to distance travelled around a 20,000-mile virtual bike ride from APH Gatwick to the equally glamorous surroundings of Sydney in Australia.

However, it won’t just be an exercise in buttock-bashing or achilles-rupturing pain… we’ll be stopping off at exotic destinations to sample a free selection of local delicacies and drinks. All you need to do is join in the challenge to get your passport to our global food fest.

First stop… Paris
Our first stop will be a mere 300 miles away in Paris, where we’ll enjoy a selection of croissants, pain au chocolat and unfeasibly strong coffee served up in the ‘la Boardroom’… from there we’ll heading to the likes of Italy, America, Mexico, China, India and many more centres of gastronomic excellence. Sign up to eat up!

Still need convincing?
To motivate yourself along the way, there’ll also be great incentives to keep the pedals turning… When you achieve your first 50 miles you will receive a t-shirt.  There’ll be plenty more rewards of increasing value as you hit successive milestones.

Not been on a bike since primary school?
Don’t worry! There will be cycling proficiency and fix-it classes beforehand to make sure that you and your bike are both ready before the big launch on 1st April…

Please register your interest here

Enter your details below, so we can get you on the grid for our round-the-word cycle and running tour. Remember, the miles you pledge are not binding, but we need all the help and support we can get to raise £20,000 for The University of Southampton’s Cancer Immunology appeal.

Who’s pledged what…

Contact pete@aph.com for access to this information live on the site here..

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