10 reasons to book an airport hotel with APH

Do you think Airport hotels are over-priced and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary? Take a look at these 10 reasons that we think might change your mind.

1) Avoid Stress

Travel Stress

Travel Stress

Few things are more stressful than worrying about being late to the airport and potentially missing your flight. An APH survey revealed 30% of those questioned felt that travelling to the airport was the most stressful part of going on holiday. By booking an airport hotel the night before your flight, you get to eliminate the stress of rushing to the airport to catch your flight. Most of our hotels are within a 15-minute drive of the nearest airport.

2) Don’t miss your flight

Pay to offset the emissions from your flight

Don’t be left at the airport

Travelling to any airport can prove to be an ordeal, whether using public transport or travelling by car. With so many different possibilities of interruptions, missing your flight can quickly become a reality.

A report commissioned by APH, showed that nearly half (48.7%) of Londoners have missed a flight, which makes them the most likely in the UK to do so. With their close proximity to some major UK airports, it’s an alarming figure.

18.5% claimed traffic was the reason for missing their flight, while 14.2% blamed public transport. Other reasons for missing the final call included navigation difficulties and getting flight times wrong.

You can virtually abolish the chance of missing your flight by booking an airport hotel. There’ll be no need to worry about traffic or getting lost with an airport hotel, once you’re checked-in to the comfort of your own room you can think ahead to how great your holiday is going to be.

3) Extend your holiday

Heathrow hotels

Add some luxury to your airport hotel

Amongst all the reasons countering the negatives of not using an airport hotel, how about booking one to treat yourself and extend your holiday. Add that extra day so you can start your holiday in style.

Not all airport hotels are just a room; a lot offer luxurious services to keep you relaxed and stress-free. From spas, gyms, saunas and swimming pools, to fine dining, indulgence lounges and even on-site nightclubs; there’s an abundance of amenities on offer so you can squeeze a few more nights into your holiday.

4) It’s cheaper than you think


The thought of airports often gives visions of sky-high prices. An airport hotel? Forget it, it’ll cost more than the flight itself, right? Wrong. If you’re looking to stay a night before your flight, APH has some incredible prices on hotel and parking packages. Combining a night in a hotel with your airport car parking with one of our packages will amount to only a small difference.  Click here for an instant quote.

For example: One night in the Sandman Signature Hotel at Gatwick combined with parking for up to seven days comes in at £97 booking from the 11th August till the 18th August 2017. Booking the hotel for one night – without parking – will cost you £89 for the same date. (Room-only quote from APH website).

Prices accurate on 06/06/2017 – subject to change

5) If you’re using the UK’s ‘slowest’ motorways, book an airport hotel now


Don’t get caught out

Driving across the country to your departure airport can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to some of the UK’s motorways. Although most can get you from home to airport in a respectable amount of time, some can see you travelling at less than half the speed limit, adding to your journey time and posing the risk of a missed flight. Book yourself an airport hotel and don’t let these motorways ruin your holiday.

UK’s slowest motorways – average speed in MPH

M606 (in West Yorkshire)

M32 (South Gloucestershire into Bristol)

M9 (between Edinburgh and Dunblane)

M621 (to Leeds)

M602 (into Manchester)

M60 (around Manchester)

M67 (into Manchester)

M8 (Glasgow to Edinburgh)

M2 (Kent)

M18 (Rotherham to Goole, Yorkshire)












6) Break up your journey


Long journeys can take their toll and leave you feeling a little worse for wear – especially a long drive followed by a long-haul flight. Take a break; book an airport hotel so you can refuel and relax before the next leg of your journey. Airport hotels offer all the essentials you need to get out of your travelling clothes and back to feeling your best.

Get an instant quote now with APH and save money by pre-booking your airport parking and hotel.

7) More sleep


Sleep is always good

Anyone who’s experienced the pre-dawn slog to reach an early morning flight will know that a lukewarm cup of stewed coffee in the airport terminal simply won’t cut it. The time wasted yawning in traffic as the sun rises could be spent soundly sleeping in the comfort of an airport hotel. Why drive past all those inviting hotels at 4am – when you could be tucked up in a warm cosy bed in one of their rooms?

8) Don’t risk your licence


Don’t risk your licence by driving while potentially under the influence of drugs

Fear of flying is a common complaint that is often successfully treated by doctors through prescription of a short course of medication such as Valium. Although taking a few of these will help reduce anxiety, they can also leave you ‘over the limit’ when you return to your car and potentially convicted for ‘drug driving’.

Don’t risk your licence by driving while potentially under the influence of drugs – a lot of prescribed medicines that help anxiety can stay in your system for up to 48 hours (and sometimes longer). Many medicines can also make you drowsy, causing a lack of concentration when driving. Take an extra night in an airport hotel after your flight so you’re not putting yourself or others at risk by driving. That one extra night will allow time for the drug to clear your system from the return flight – leaving you clear to drive the following day.

9) Avoid tired driving

Drving through bad weather can make you feel more tired than usual - take a break

Driving through bad weather can make you feel more tired than usual

Loss of concentration through fatigue is the UK’s leading cause of traffic accidents, yet one in four Brits admitted to driving while tired in a recent survey.

THINK! states that when it comes to tiredness men under 30 have the highest risk of falling asleep at the wheel and peak times for accidents are in the early hours and after lunch. As well as this, sleep-related accidents are more likely than others to cause a fatality or result in serious injury.

To avoid driving tired, book your airport hotel now.

10) Keep the kids happy

airport hotels

If they’re happy, you’re happy

Planning to travel with the family? Beat the stress of early morning alarm clocks and grumpy kids, by swapping the traffic-clogged slog to the airport with a room in a nearby hotel.

Take a look at just a small selection of the family-friendly options we offer with room-only or parking packages. Start your holiday early and wake refreshed, relaxed and just a few minutes from the terminal…

Get an instant quote now with APH and save money by pre-booking your airport parking and hotel.

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