The cancer killers… our bodies fight back

Figures reveal around one in three of us will develop some form of cancer during our lifetime, but with the exciting work being carried out by the University of Southampton, cancer immunology can help create a brighter future for all…

How cancer immunotherapy is fighting back

Scroll down to see how cancer immunology research is being used to empower our bodies in the battle with cancer.

    How Southampton University's cancer immunology research is bringing a brighter future

How Southampton University’s cancer immunology research is bringing a brighter future

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Outstanding results in the University of Southampton’s clinical trials

Thanks to the University of Southampton’s trials, many of cancer patients are enjoying longer lives. The university’s statistics speak for themselves:

  • As many as half of clinical trial patients are showing significant improvement where traditional therapies had failed.
  • An estimated 20% of its clinical trial patients are living cancer free.
  • More than 90% of patients who have been treated with antibody immunotherapy and survived beyond two years remain cancer free

Killer T cells go to war

Watch the University of Southampton’s video showing killer T cells in action.

None of us condone violence, but seeing a bunch cancer cells falling victim to an avenging serial killer makes for compulsive viewing. Play the video, above, as an immunology-boosted killer T cell roams the petri dish and fatally attacks several slow-moving cancer cells. Watch closely as it visits each cancer cell in turn, burrows into its surface membrane before leaving it to ‘bubble’ and die. Once killer T cells have developed, they are able to provide long-lasting protection against further cancer growth.

Make a donation to the campaign

Here’s how you can make a donation to help fund the new Centre for Cancer Immunology and play a part in crushing cancer…

Online: Make a donation here

By SMS: Text YOUREIT to 70660 to donate £3

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