About the Centre for Cancer Immunology

How the new Centre for Immunology will look

Architect’s impression of the new Centre for Cancer Immunology

APH is proud to support the University of Southampton in its plans to open a world-leading Centre for Cancer Immunology at its South Coast site in 2017. Its state-of-the-art facilities and equipment will bring the world’s most prominent scientists together in one location and help boost the development of immunotherapy treatments and cures for cancer.

Why the centre is needed…

Building on 40-years of immunology research, the University of Southampton has helped to develop:

  • Antibody treatments that remove leukaemia cells from blood
  • A DNA cancer vaccine
  • A new class of anti-lymphoma antibody for adult leukaemia
  • Ipilimumab, one of the first approved immunology drugs, extending the lives of patients with melanoma

Located at Southampton General Hospital and partnered with the Francis Crick Centre in London, it will become the UK’s only dedicated cancer immunology centre. Successfully delivering this project will help double both the number of experts working on research and those taking part in clinical trials that will lead to new treatments and ultimately cures for many cancers.

The Centre will house world-class research facilities, a clinical trials unit, a suite of molecular biology laboratories, where genetic engineering will be used to develop new vaccine and antibody constructs, and a pre-clinical immunology lab investigating the complex interaction of cancer and the immune system.

Make a donation to the campaign

Here’s how you can make a donation to help fund the new Centre for Cancer Immunology and play a part in crushing cancer…

Online: Make a donation here

By SMS: Text YOUREIT to 70660 to donate £3

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