A Luxury that Makes Sense

The UK-designed and built Live Luggage PA Series Suitcase is aimed to make your travel effortless. It offers the latest word in high-tech luxury luggage. It takes the strain out of your journey with power assisted features that reduce the physical strain of moving your luggage, plus providing strong security measures and free baggage tracking.

The PA Series Suitcase has an innovative, extendable handle that pivots away from the case. This is fully adjustable and ensures – no matter how tall you are – 85% of the luggage weight is balanced over the wheels. On smooth, level surfaces like airport concourses, this means minimal effort is required to pull the case and it won’t bang into your heels, either!

For more challenging conditions, perhaps going uphill or across rougher surfaces, power is applied through motors in each wheel. With sensors and an intelligent torque control system, the suitcase provides exactly the right amount of power to the wheels. So your PA Series Suitcase should feel equally light when you are going up a slope or over bumpy ground, and it should even be able to keep up with you if you need to break into a run!

The motors are powered by a rechargeable 12v NiMH (Nickel Metal hydride) battery. About the size of a mobile phone. Because the suitcase knows how much power it requires for any situation, it provides exactly that power, no more or no less. It has a distance range of up to 1.5 miles. You can recharge Batteries overnight. Or there’s space to store a spare battery if required, for those really long journeys. Besides, if you ever find yourself without power, just turn the motors off! The suitcase should still be easier to manoeuvre than traditional designs of suitcase. And it has an integral umbrella, too!

And it’s securely constructed. It’s made from tough PC ABS material, used in car bumpers. There are no zips and the case slots together securely, with a three way locking system. The master lock is a TSA approved (Transportation Security Administration) combination lock, allowing you to set your own PIN. There are two further latches to keep it shut tight.

Included with every case is Live Locator, a free luggage tracking service. Every PA Series Suitcase is tagged with a unique, laser etched number. Should it be lost, SMS and email is sent to you with details of its location. It costs £700 plus VAT.

If you’re a frequent traveller who needs less stress and absolutely can’t afford to lose baggage, or if you simply don’t want to risk injury with heavy bags, the Live Luggage PA Series Suitcase may be the touch of luxury you’re looking for. And at 700 pounds including VAT, it’s certainly one you can afford. Live Luggage is designed and manufactured in the UK. For more information please visit their website liveluggage. https://www.aph.com/community/know-before-you-go/hand-baggage-allowance/

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