Last-Minute Christmas Gifts For Frequent Flyers

What do you buy a frequent flyer? Our guide to last-minute gifts for air travellers is just for you. From cheap stocking fillers to prestige presents, we’ve got something for everyone…

Wind-up smartphone/iPod charger

How much: £19.95

It’s every traveller’s worst nightmare – being stranded in a foreign airport with a dead smartphone battery. Save their sanity with this clever wind-up charger. Simply plug it into the phone (or iPod) and wind away for an instant emergency charge – it also includes a handy flashlight. A great gift that won’t get left at the bottom of a drawer come January 1. It’s compatible with most smartphones, but check the specifics at the time of ordering. Get it here:

PriorityPass airport lounge membership

How much: £69 – £259

Lounge Pass

If the person you’re buying for spends long periods waiting at international airports, then this is a truly prestige gift. Buying them a Priority Pass will take them – and a guest – away from the noise and crowds to a world of luxury and calm in hundreds of private airport lounges around the world. With benefits such as free Wi-Fi, magazines and newspapers, complimentary drinks and snacks, showers, beds and more, there could be no greater gift for a stressed air traveller. Various membership options are available, so head over to our airport lounges section to find one that will suit the needs of your frequent flyer!


How much: £34.99 (wired) £69.99 (wireless)
Getting some sleep on a crowded plane is never easy, but these SleepPhones will help make it a little less difficult. Unlike traditional headphones or earbuds – which certainly don’t promote effortless sleep – these are crafted from soft fleece, wrap around your head like a headband and won’t irritate as your favourite relaxing tunes send you gently off to sleep. You can even get wireless versions for additional comfort. Get it here:

Lifestraw – drinking water anywhere

How much: £29.99
Flying can be a dehydrating business and arriving in your hotel room in the middle of the night can leave you desperate for fluids – and no safe drinking water available. We’ve all experienced this, but now you can ensure the traveller in your life never has to risk drinking contaminated tap water ever again. The Lifestraw lets the user drink instantly from virtually any source. Simply place the unit in a glass of water and use it like a conventional straw. It kills 99.9999% of all bacteria and has been used in disaster zones around the world. It’s around 8 inches long and weighs just 2oz so won’t take up valuable suitcase space.Get it here:

LifeStraw from Firebox

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Hipkey – keep your goods safe

How much: £69.95
A handy pocket alarm that attaches to travellers’ valuables such as handbags and hand luggage. It then sounds an alarm on the owner’s iPhone if anyone tampers with the item it’s attached to. It then has a ‘find me’ button on the phone app that will lead you, or the authorities, to your property. It also has a ‘child mode’ to help flyers keep tabs on children in busy airports. Hipkey is compatible with iPhones only. Get it here: Apple store

New Kindle Paperwhite – Wi-Fi

Online Frequent Flyer Gifts

How much: £109.00
It’s the gift that every frequent flyer should be unwrapping this Christmas. Help them while away the tedious hours between meals with a Kindle Paperwhite – Wi-Fi. The six-inch screen and next-generation backlight will keep eyes fresh in darkened cabins – without causing any glare to disturb other passengers.  With more than two million best-sellers, newspapers and magazines available, there’ll never be another dull mid-air moment again. Get it here:

Personalised phone case

How much: From £12
A great gift for any frequent flyer that spends long periods away from friends and family. Brighten their day with the gift of a personalised phone case decorated with pictures of kids, pets or anything that will put a smile on their face. Simply log on to the website below, upload your pics, design your case and another great stocking filler will be heading your way. Get it here:

Fitbit Flex for fitness fanatics

How much: £79.99
Keeping fit while travelling can be a challenge, but this stylish Fitbit Flex device makes a great gift for the exercise-hungry air traveller that you’re buying for. It tracks their steps and distance walked at the airport – and how many calories they’ve burned. It’s a great way to help them decide whether to have that dessert for dinner – or head to the hotel gym. It will also connect wirelessly with a smartphone or computer to display the user’s progress against fitness their goals. Get it here:

Handheld digital luggage scales

How much: £23.99
We’ve all dumped our suitcase on the bathroom scales, but this doesn’t help when coming back home loaded with great deals from foreign shores. That’s why every professional traveller should have handheld digital luggage scales in their travel arsenal. These high-quality scales will weigh up to 40kg, have a retractable handle and retain the weight readout after the case is removed. Get it here:

JetRest Luxury Travel Comfort Kit

How much: £17.95
Let’s be honest, air travel can rarely be described as the most relaxing of experiences, so head back to basics and give someone the gift of airborne comfort. The JetRest luxury pack contains a neck pillow, luxury eye mask and earplugs all one handy carry case. Get it here:

Wow Pack for frequent flyer kids

How much: £24.99
If you’re buying for high-flying kids, then these ‘animated backpacks’ will make the ultimate gift. The bags  have controls on the straps that let the kids control a face on the back. With characters such as ‘Cutezee the Kitten’ who blinks on demand, and ‘Snot the Zombie’ who blows raspberries and emits sound effects, there’s a bag for all kids. They’re powered by three AA batteries and have adjustable straps. Get it here:

Bluetooth wireless keyboard for iPad

How much: £10.50
This keyboard makes a great gift for any business traveller that spends a large amount of time in the skies. They’ll be able to catch up with reports etc as they fly, without having to use the small fiddly keyboard on their iPad. It’s ultra-slim, too, so it’ll hardly take up any space in their hand luggage. It’s designed for iPads, with special keys that activate device-specific features. Uses Bluetooth connectivity and 2 x AAA batteries. Get it here:

Travel Slanket

How much: From £24.99
For those long night flights, when the standard-issue airline ticket just doesn’t cut it, the Travel Slanket will be a perfect accessory. It’s a giant, snuggly fleece blanket that covers your entire body – but has sleeves, so you can wear it and still read books and eat meals etc. The Travel Slanket is available in various colours suitable for him or her. Get it here:

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