British Holiday Confidence Returns

It seems the confidence of British holidaymakers is returning. According to latest figures from over half the UK population will be going away this year.

The study also indicated that 25% of British holidaymakers are more likely to go on holiday in the next 12 months than they were only six months ago.

As we say, value for money still appears to be a top consideration, as 79% say that price is one of the most important factors when they look to book a holiday. And is an even more important factor than the likely weather and the facilities at the destination.

The research (amongst 2,000 adults) looked at holiday budgets. At the start of 2010 apparently we looked at spending £1,014 per person on their main family holiday. But in January 2011 this had fallen to £829. This figure has started to rise and now stands at £837. Londoners look to spend the most (£988) bit those in the West Midlands are looking to book their holidays on a tighter budget at £746.The study also includes a Holiday Spending Money Index, which indicated that the weekly spending levels (that’s not including flights and accommodation) are down some 3% on January 2011. It seems we are now, on average, at any rate, looking to budget to spend £288 per person per week.

Men are more likely to spend. The average UK man is intending to spend £892 on their holiday and budgets for some £318 spending money per week. On the other hand, women plan on spending £770 on their summer holiday and taking £254 spending money per week.

A concern is that the number of people who ensure their holiday is ATOL protected has fallen again from 21% one year ago to only 14%, now. to just 14 per cent. People who use APH, on the other hand, know the value of ensuring that their car is safely and properly parked and that all insurances, etc. are properly taken care of, including only booking ATOL protected holidays! There’s a difference between making wise savings like booking car parking, etc., through or trusting to luck and leaving out vital insurances, which is never a good idea.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert from travelsupermarket .com, said: “It seems the annual holiday is one thing we won’t give up. That half the population will be going on holiday is great news for the UK travel industry.

“Although the amount of money people will spend falls below 2010 levels, over half of those we asked are now shopping around for the best deals, so perhaps we are just being more careful and seeking out great deals and value for money, with all inclusive holidays or cheap self catering offers helping us get away.”

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