Types of airport parking

There’s nothing better than the thought of jetting off on your much-anticipated holiday, but there’s one thing that should always be considered if you want to keep things as simple as possible – airport parking. You don’t want to waste time faffing around with the necessary arrangements at the last minute and nor do you want to worry about your car being left somewhere unsafe, and if you think things through now you could save a whole lot of hassle later down the line. All airports should offer some kind of secure parking but perhaps the most important thing you’ll need to consider is the type of car park you’re actually going to choose, so to help you make your decision here’s a quick run through of the three most common types available.

Off-arport parking

These off-site car parks are normally situated close to the airport complex, with many UK airports having several different facilities for you to choose from. The normal method of operating is that you drive to the airport car park and leave your car and keys at the reception, they’ll park your vehicle in the designated spot and you’ll be transferred to the terminal by bus or coach. This type of parking will normally offer the best value for money as you’ll be some distance from the terminal, being the perfect solution for people on a budget.

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On-site airport parking

As the name suggests, these car parks will be located at the airport itself or else directly adjacent to the complex. A self-drive system is normally implemented with customers driving to the facility, parking and then transferring to the terminal either by bus or walking – you’ll be closer to the terminal than with off-site parking so there’s no need to worry about missing your flight, and safety will be at the top of the agenda with most on-site facilities coming with excellent security measures.

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Meet and greet / valet airport parking

This is by far the quickest and most convenient method of parking – all you have to do is arrive at the terminal where you’ll be met by a representative who’ll drive your car to a secure compound, leaving you free to check in straight away. There’s no need to worry about parking or transferring because everything will be taken care of for you, and your valet will even deliver your car back to you when you return. This is ideal for people who are perhaps on a tight schedule or who have children with them and therefore don’t want to worry about parking arrangements, but it’s just as suitable for those who want convenience and excellent service for the perfect start to their break.

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These are the three most common types of airport car parking for you to consider, any one of which could be perfect for your needs. The one that’s right for you will depend on a combination of your budget, travelling circumstances and individual preferences, but no matter which one you decide upon you’ll be able to make your booking right here. Why not save money by booking a stay in an airport hotel before your flight as well, to get your holiday off to a stress-free start?

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