Meet and greet at Birmingham Airport – fast track your way to the gate

There’s no denying that airports can be stressful, what with all the crowds of people desperately trying to get out of town and begin their fun in the sun; the queues, the chaos, it can all feel a little too much to bear…

meet and greet at Birmingham

But with a few clever choices you can quickly turn your holiday nightmare into a serene and almost zen-like experience – there’s no need to wait until the plane takes off to take your first blissful holiday breath; take the easy way out and fast track your airport experience with APH!

Start how you mean to go on with some seriously stress-free parking; go meet and greet at Birmingham courtesy of APH Meet & Greet. This time saving parking experience will transform your morning from a crazed rush to the gate to a relaxing cruise through the concourse.

So what is meet and greet parking?

meet and greet at Birmingham

Invented by an actual genius, this is the only way to start a trip. With not a transfer bus in sight, you can glide up to the gate straight from your car. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Pop your bags in the boot and make your way to the airport; forget scouring the East Midlands wilderness for your car park, instead make your way straight to Birmingham International Station.

Step 2: When you are 15 minutes from the station, give APH a quick call and we’ll let you know exactly where to meet our uniformed chauffeur.

Step 3: Park up in the drop off zone and hand your keys over to our friendly driver, and that’s it! There’s nothing left to do but hop on the conveniently placed monorail for the two minute ride straight into the terminal.

On your return:  Getting reunited with your car once you’re back in town is just as easy; just call us to let us know you have landed, jump on the monorail and we’ll have your car ready and waiting for you at the station.

To book yourself a time saving treat with APH Meet & Greet, click here!

Other fast track travel hacks…

meet and greet at Birmingham

Soak up the easy life with our travel hacks

If you’ve got the fast-track bug, we’ve got some great tips to help you negotiate your way through Birmingham Airport hassle free…

Hot foot it ahead of the crowds with an airport hotel

A bed just minutes from the airport is the only place to wake up for savvy travellers; perfect if you’ve got a few miles to cover or your flight leaves despicably early in the morning. At APH we’ve got a great selection of Birmingham Airport Hotels to cater to every budget; from on-site luxury stays that allow you to roll straight out of bed and into check out, to clean and comfy no-frills-attached rooms.

Book a Birmingham Airport Hotel here

Laze in a lounge at the airport

The departure lounge at peak times can take on nightmarish qualities; the swarms of people stuffing down overpriced sandwiches, the hard plastic seating that seems designed to make you as uncomfortable as possible; this is no way to start your trip.

Skip the suffering and head straight to a Birmingham Airport lounge; these havens of tranquillity provide a relaxing respite from the madness on the other side of the door. At No 1 Traveller all your needs are taken care of for the £22.50 entry cost; sink into a comfy seat, tuck into the tasty treats on the pantry table, order yourself a freshly cooked dish from the bistro (best accompanied by a glass of something cool) or relax with a paper or magazine, all included in the price of your entry.

Book a lounge at Birmingham Airport here

Speed up security

Don’t stand in a long line of slow coaches; those in the know fast track their security using the Express Lane. Simple, easy to use, and open to everyone; you just book your fast-track pass online up to midnight on the night before your flight, and you’re good to go. Passes cost £3.00 per passenger which is a small price to pay for being whisked through security as the queuing hordes look on in dismay…

Book your Express Lane here

Get app happy

If you’ve got a smartphone then you can take care of the dull business of checking-in, creating boarding passes and booking seats all through an airline app. Many airlines now offer these handy tools, so make your smartphone work for you and click here to see which airlines have the best apps on the market.

Travelling with little ones?

Don’t even contemplate having to entertain the kids while you wait for your flight; get them to the Skyzone as soon as possible! In this fun, free and interactive play area specially designed to keep little minds occupied, you’ll find interactive quizzes, games and a whole lot more.

For more information head here

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