Heathrow Terminal 1 is closing… all you need to know

Thanks for the memories T1... it won't be back

Thanks for the memories T1… it won’t be back

It’s time to say farewell to Heathrow Terminal 1 as this gateway to the world closes for good from Tuesday, June 30. Here’s all the information you need…

Airlines that use Terminal 1: Simple. If you’re not flying with British Airways you can stop reading now. BA is the only carrier that operates flights from the soon-to-be-pile of rubble formerly known as Terminal 1.

What British Airways routes leave from Terminal 1: Read on if you’re flying to any of the following destinations after June 30: Azerbaijan, Egypt, France, Germany, Jordan, Lebanon and Spain

What do I do next: If you’re still reading, you need to check your flight details using the following ‘Which Terminal’ page.
Click here for which terminal guide

Will my APH airport parking be affected: No. If you have booked through APH just turn up as normal and we will get you to your new departure terminal. If you haven’t booked yet, get your free quote here.
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What about public transport: If you have decided to use the train, you will need to change your travel plans when arriving at Heathrow after the June 30 closure. Contact your train or coach company for details.

About Terminal 1

T1 check-in desk is checking-out on June 30

T1 check-in desks are checking-out on June 30

History: Its doors opened in 1968 with a formal ceremony taking place in May 1969 and presided over by the Queen. At the time, it was Europe’s largest short-haul facility. The terminal underwent a major redesign in 2005, which saw the Eastern Extension opening and doubling departure lounge space.

Why is it closing: T1 will close its doors for the final time on 30 June, to allow the second stage of T2’s expansion.

One to tell the grandkids: If you want to be part of aviation history, why not book yourself on the final flight from T1. It’s British Airways BA0970 to Hanover in Germany which is scheduled for 21:15 on June 29… just remember to turn the lights out when you leave.

Was T1 the first terminal at Heathrow: What makes you think that? In fact, the first ‘proper’ terminal was T 2, naturally. The original T2 opened in 1955 and was replaced by the new £2.5billion incarnation in June 2014. So, in reality, Heathrow’s soul remains through T2.

Any more demolition planned: Funny you should ask. Yes. The redevelopment of T2 will see it double in size by 2019, at which point the wrecking ball will turn its attention to Terminal 3. Heathrow will then become a three-terminal facility – T2, T4 and T5 – that’s easier to negotiate and can handle more passengers – it says here.

Feeling nostalgic: Take a look at this great collection of photos from the eerily deserted T1 as it approaches it’s final days.
View the gallery here

And finally… No Doggs allowed

Trivia fans will remember T1 for being the location of American rap artist Snoop Dogg’s 2006 arrest in BA’s business lounge on suspicion of affray and violent disorder. At the time, the airline said: “Given the nature of the disturbance they [Snoop and entourage] have been banned from travelling with BA for the foreseeable future.”

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