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Babies and Infants Youngest age an infant can travel is 48 hours.

Infants are those under 2 years old at the time of travel.

Children are those over 2 years old at time of travel.

Newly born infants (up to 7 days) are not accepted.

Infants are those aged 8 days to 23 month.

Infants under 2 weeks of age are not allowed to travel. Babies may not travel within the first seven days after

Infant is up to 2 years.

Child from 2 – 12 years old.

Babies and Infants must be over two weeks of age Baby has to be older than 14 days on day of travel.

Child is over 2 years old.

Infant under 2 years.

Child over 2 years.

Infant must be aged less than 24 months but older than 7
days on day of travel.

A child is aged over 2.

Infant aged under 2 years

Child aged 2 – 11

Family Check-In Print off children boarding passes at home. Check-in the
entire family at home.
Passengers travelling with infants do not qualify for
online check-in – this can be purchased for £2 per passenger per one way
Families can check-in online Early check-in available for families (up to 3 hours
before flight).

Priority boarding for families.

Passengers must check-in at least 2.5 hours prior to

Can pre-book group seating on all flights, £17 per adult,
£9 per child.

Customers can check in the day before

Seat numbers are allocated at check-in Online check-in is not available.

Priority check-in is available at £15 per adult and £5 per
child which means you can board first.

Customers can check-in the day before

Check-in is first come, first served basis. Seats together
can be confirmed at a cost of £5 per passenger
No family priority check-in
At the Airport Take your small folding type buggy right to the aircraft

Families board before other passengers.

Buggies can be used up to the entrance to the plane. After
landing your buggy will be available at the aircraft steps.

Families board before other passengers.

Passengers have to pay £2 for priority boarding

Free seating policy but passengers travelling with young
children board first.

Passengers have to pay £2 for priority boarding. Only
applicable to first 60 bookings

Pushchair, prams and buggies can be taken to plane and
then put in holding.
Pushchair, prams and buggies can be taken on flight for

Families board first.

Pushchair, prams and buggies can be taken on flight for

Families board first.

Pushchairs can be taken to the plane but not taken on
board. Pushchairs are put in hold free of charge.
Pushchairs and car seats are not allowed in the cabin.

Customers can take pushchairs to the gate and then it will
be put in hold (free of charge).

Pushchair can be taken to plane door and then will be put
in the holding.

Families board first.

Discounts/ Prices Infant fare is 10% of adult fare when sitting on adults lap. Infants under the age of 2 on date of travel may fly for
an administration fee per one way flight (must sit on adult’s lap).

Infant fee is an additional £7.00

No discount available – children over 2 years old must pay
same fare as adults.
Child prices available For a seven or 14 night ticket only, children will have a
discount of £20 less than the adult fare.
Child prices available Child prices available. Charges for infants vary depending on the
route and length of flight and will be detailed in the booking process.
Child prices available
Child baggage allowance Same as adult allowance when a child fare is purchased. One small piece of hand baggage (prams and buggies can be
taken on board).
Infants who share a seat do not have a baggage allowance. Pushchairs can be taken on plane but must be checked in.

Baby milk may be taken in hand luggage.

Infants have a 5kg luggage allowance Infants under the age of two on the date of their return
flight have no allowance.
Same as adult for children under two. Infants are not allocated their own seat and baggage

Infant prices are available.

Children aged over 2 pay full price and have full baggage

Infants not entitled to a seat are entitled to one piece
of checked baggage. They are also entitled to one piece of hand luggage.

This is over and above the buggy or bassinet or car seat,
which are carried free of charge.

Seats and Carrycots Specially designed carrycots can be supplied for infants
and babies from six months to two years.

Can purchase a child’s fare which allows use of car seat
(infant must be between six-23 months of age).

Limited number of Britax Seats available.

Parents can take their own seats onboard.

Infants can be included on the parent’s seat booking.

Extra seats can not be booked for infants.

No baby seats or car seats are allowed in the cabin of the

Infant seatbelts are provided on all Ryanair aircraft.

Car seats for infant passengers can be taken on board for
any child under 6 months.

Must not be wider than 42cm.

If an adult is travelling with more than one infant under
2 years (but no less than 6 months) one infant may sit on the adult’s lap.

Children over 2 years must occupy their own seat.

Bassinets available for infants up to 72cm (10kg) in
premium economy and economy class.
Travel cots and car seats can be taken on for free.

Sky cots are available on long haul flights – only infants
under 6 months and are charged at £10 on return.

Car seats are acceptable for infants between ages of 6 –
36 months providing seat is purchased for the infant.

Seats can be pre-booked on the website for an extra £17
(£9 for children under 12) on long-haul flights up until 12pm three days before the flight departs.

Carrycots may be taken on but a seat must be paid for. Carrycots and child seats can not be taken on board. Car seats are not allowed to be carried on the plane. Skycots for babies aged up to 12 months

Infant Care Chair for infants aged between

Changing Facilities Baby changing facilities are available on board. Baby changing facilities are available on board. Baby changing facilities are available on board. On-board changing facilities and limited supplies of
nappies, talc and lotion.
Small amount of nappies for carriage in the aircraft.

Nappy changing facilities available.

Small facilities available in the toilets. Small facilities available in the toilets. Small facilities available in the toilets. Most toilets have changing facilities
Meals Infants

On board bottle warmer and baby-food warming facilities
(only take un-opened food in a sealed jar).

Pureed food available for babies.

Do not carry infant meals or baby milk.


When travelling over 1 hour can pre-order children’s
meals. Includes chicken nuggets, soft drink, fruit.

‘Kids feed first’ policy allows parents to enjoy their

Pre-order a complimentary ‘kids meal’.

Baby food/milk can be heated by the crew.

All meals, snacks must be purchased on board.

Passengers can take food on board.

Passengers may purchase food from the in-flight EasyKiosk.

e.g.: A Snack Pack includes mini cheese biscuits, pate,
Vache Qui Rit Cheese, 2 packs for crackers, mini Kit-Kat Chunky. Costs:

Children’s meals available.

Baby milk and liquid baby food can be taken on board – must be tested by accompanying passenger.

On-board baby warming bottle facility.

Meals not available but can warm up baby food.

Children’s meals are available but must be pre-booked

Pre-book kids meal designed for kids aged between 4-11
including hot meal and challenging game.

On return flight the meal is served in a lunchbox that can
be taken home and used again.

Just before landing there is another special snack box.

Children’s meals cost £10.

Children meals available at £3.50 per child, per flight. Meals must be pre-booked.

Child meal costs £3 each way.

Kids menu including fish fingers, pizza and chocolate
Entertainment Skyflyers activity books available on all flights over 170
minutes. Includes following:

Flights from the UK:

3-5 years:

Blue nylon rucksack, going on a plane story book,
trembling aircraft toy, wristband aircraft, activity book and crayons,

6-12 years

White plastic rucksack, electronic game, reading book,
notebook and pen, folding binoculars.

Flights to UK:

3-5 years

Top Trump safari animals, white and wipe magic board,
colouring book and crayons.

6-12 years

Top trumps and simpson’s themed games, magazine with
activities and pen.

On screen entertainment from Disney to Cartoon Network,
family blockbuster movies. There is also a parental lock to enable you to
block viewing of unsuitable material.

Dedicated pop audio channel. Headsets free of charge.

Selection of games which are played using handheld games

No inflight entertainment for children. No inflight entertainment for children. Kiddie’s packs suitable for ages 4-8 and 9-12. Including
colouring book and puzzles.

Dedicated children family audio and video selection.

Over 30 Nintendo games and PC games.

Children under 3 years receive a teddy bear onboard the

Various Cartoon channels Skytime entertainment channels.

Funzine activity book

Personal TV screen

Dedicated kids’ channel

Blockbuster movies, cartoons and games.

Children’s activity packs Some long haul flights have a selection of the latest
blockbuster films and short programmes such as Scooby Doo, The Simpsons and
My Family.

Skystore offers a range of small toys and snacks for sale.

Dedicated kids channels on the seatback TV (V.Tots for
pre-school, V.Kid 5-11 includes blockbuster movie and up to 35 Nintendo
games, V.T for teens)

Virgin Atlantic Kids pack including colouring in book,
crayons and games.

Selection of games including backgammon, who wants to be a
millionaire, solitaire, hangman

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