Low Average Airport Parking Prices In July

Low Average Airport Parking Prices In July

APH has researched the average daily price of airport parking this July.  Taking the average price across all 22 UK airports sold on www.aph.com, including both on and off airport parking, the price comes in at just £4.03 a day (including VAT) – making it cheaper per day than parking in the majority of the UK’s town and shopping centres.  We’ve compared some across the country below:

Macclesfield, Churchill Way                £5.50 for 24 hours
Swansea, Orchard Street                  £11.50 for 24 hours
Newcastle, Percy Street                    £14.40 for 24 hours
Bristol, Queen Charlotte St               £20.00 for 24 hours

Airports tend to charge a premium for customers using short stay car parks, but savvy travellers who book their long stay airport car parking in advance can save money and get themselves the best rate.

By simply turning up at the airport without pre-booking customers will pay the most for their parking, even if it is for one of the long stay car parks. Don’t forget to check out our airport parking services too, to see how much you could save!

Our top bits of advice:

  • Book as far in advance as possible.  Car parks tend to increase prices the closer to the stay date you book.  Customers turning up to car parks on the day without pre-booking are likely to pay the most.
  • Off-airport car parks generally tend to charge less than car parks located at the airport itself.  In many instances both will require a transfer bus.

*Town centre parking charges courtesy of Parkopedia

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