Heathrow airport hotels – Travel extras for a stress free journey

Located just 10 minutes away from Heathrow airport, Heathrow airport hotels are the perfect place to spend the night before your flight. These contemporary hotels offer comfortable bedrooms with power showers, air conditioning as well as tea and coffee making facilities. There are also plenty of dining options available on site at the hotel you choose. Restaurants offer genuine European cuisine in stylish surroundings while bars offer light snacks and drinks in a more informal setting. For a more relaxed evening meal pubs adjacent to the hotel offer a wide variety of dishes at a reasonable price. While booking an airport hotel is a very important step whenever you’re travelling by plane, here are some more travel extras you may find useful as well.

Travel insurance

You may not forget to pre-book Heathrow airport hotels if you have an early flight but forgetting to buy travel insurance may have really disastrous effects. If you don’t buy insurance before travelling abroad you may be putting yourself at considerable risk if injured. Most people are often reluctant to purchase travel insurance if they intend to visit family and friends overseas because they want to save money. But whenever they require essential medical treatment abroad, the cost of medical care can be a problem not only in terms of recovery but also financially. So it’s important to remember that staying with family and friends does not lower your chances of an accident occurring and the risks involved remain the same.

Local SIM card

You can use your mobile phone to pre-book Heathrow airport hotels but the costs of using a mobile phone abroad to call the UK could be higher than the cost of a one-way flight. Mobile phones are very convenient but consumers need to think twice before dialling home or taking calls from a mobile phone while abroad because they can rack up a large bill very quickly. But there’s a solution that can give you local rates at home as well as local numbers and access to local rates for calls, texts and data in multiple countries. By using a local SIM card you can save money and avoid those high cost roaming charges. You can pay what locals pay, receive calls for free and pay less for international calls. So whenever you use your mobile phone outside of your home country, whether it’s to make or receive calls, send text messages or use data, you’re getting the lowest charges possible.

Car hire

Booking Heathrow airport hotels before your flight may be a good idea while renting a car not only gives you the freedom to explore your holiday destination stress-free but also removes the trouble of getting from the airport to your hotel or resort. Car hire companies offer a comprehensive range of competitively priced vehicles in over 4000 destinations. It’s usually much more expensive to hire a car at local rates so if you pre-book your car hire, you may get a very competitive rate.

Whether you’re jetting off to a Caribbean island for some winter sun or taking a romantic weekend break to Paris, taking care of travel extras like booking Heathrow airport hotels or renting a car is essential to make your holiday comfortable and stress-free.

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