Enjoy your stay in Birmingham

Whether you arrive to Birmingham to solve business issues or just have to wait for a connecting flight, don’t miss an opportunity to get the most out of the time spent there. Book a room in Birmingham airport hotels and head to the city. The airport is situated just 6 miles away from the centre so you can easily combine business and sightseeing.

The convenient location of Birmingham airport has made it possible to arrange a good system of transport communications. The airport can be accessed 24 hours a day from any city of the country. You can arrive to Birmingham either by train, car, coach or bus. The airport train station is connected with the terminal by free shuttles which operate almost every 2 minutes. It takes just a couple of minutes to arrive to the train station and around 15 minutes to reach Birmingham New Street station. Since there are 6 or 7 trains an hour, you can book Birmingham airport hotels located in the city. Yet, there are also on-airport hotels as well as countryside ones connected with the terminal by convenient transfer services. There are no trains at night so an on-airport hotel can be a good option if you arrive or depart early in the morning.

There are a number of companies providing taxi service to the airport and nearby areas. It’s better to book a taxi in advance as you can choose the most suitable rate. If you are a dedicated driver who can’t miss the chance to explore the new area by car, take advantage of car hire services to arrive to any of Birmingham airport hotels on your own. There are 6 car hire companies serving the airport which can be found in the arrivals area.

Coach services and bus lines connect the airport with a great number of cities and other UK airports. Coaches stop at Digbeth Coach Station in Birmingham so you can benefit from more connecting coaches. If a long-distance journey awaits you after the arrival it’s better to book a ticket in advance. Besides, local buses pass every 20 or 30 minutes connecting the terminal with the city centre and surrounding areas.

Birmingham has much to offer to any kind of traveller; yet, there are a few things anyone may want to see after checking in Birmingham airport hotels. First, it’s the network of canals. The city residents often say that there are more canals in Birmingham than in Venice. There are around 114 miles of navigable canals though a few centuries ago the network was longer. In the very centre of the canal network there is Gas Street Basin which once was a large hub. Now there are only small canal boats moored there. Birmingham is home to the National Exhibition Centre which hosts more than 150 exhibitions a year so remember to check what’s on. If you arrive in the beginning of September don’t forget to visit the annual ArtsFest offering a great number of free art venues.

When booking Birmingham airport hotels, give yourself extra free time to get to know the city better.

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