Tips On Choosing The Right Manchester Airport Hotel

To make your journey more comfortable, it’s a good idea to book a suitable airport hotel for spending the night before the flight or staying at on the day of arrival. When departing from or arriving at Manchester airport, the traveller has a wide range of options, from accommodation on a budget to luxury hotels with secure car parks. Booking Manchester airport hotels in advance is essential if you want to make use of special rates and a wider choice of rooms and car parks. The information from the article below may be of assistance if you haven’t chosen the right accommodation at Manchester airport yet.

Manchester Airport Hotels

Manchester Airport Hotels

Select A Suitable Package

Both luxury and affordable Manchester airport hotels offer various accommodation packages with and without parking. If you select a package that includes parking, you get the opportunity to leave your car in a secured car park till the day of your arrival. Choosing a package with parking is advisable if you travel in a large group or with children and a lot of luggage. Otherwise, it may take you considerable time and effort to find a suitable parking option close to the airport. Besides, pre-booking hotels with parking gives the traveller an additional advantage of lower rates and a wider choice of options. Certain hotels offer several parking options including off-site and on-site facilities.

Location & Transfer Services

When choosing a suitable hotel, it’s worth taking the location into account as certain Manchester airport hotels are located as much as half an hour away from the terminals. If you opt for a three-star hotel, make sure it offers regular transfer services to the airport. Bear in mind that some hotels charge for these services while others provide free frequent transfers. A number of hotels are connected to the terminals by short walkways for ultimate convenience. It’s also a great idea to book a hotel located just a few minutes away from the terminals.

Facilities & Catering

Travellers who want to make the most of their stay at a Manchester airport hotel should consider the facilities available. Most four-star hotels boast a large selection of leisure options including gyms, saunas, steam rooms, lounge bars, aerobic studios, shops, etc. Catering options also vary from luxury restaurants serving international and traditional British cuisine to bars and cafes offering quick snacks. Bedrooms at most airport hotels are equipped with all the necessary facilities, from Internet access and television to tea and coffee making options and air conditioning.

Look At Special Deals

There are usually special deals on parking and meals offered at certain Manchester airport hotels so look through the discounts and dinner packages available before booking any hotel. When it comes to pre-booking airport hotels, it’s possible to take advantage of quality accommodation at budget-friendly prices.

All in all, staying at a hotel before and after your trip from Manchester airport is advantageous in many ways. If you want to make the most of your stay, it’s important to choose the right hotel, be it a luxury hotel located two minutes away from the terminals or an affordable one offering secure parking facilities and discounts on meals. Take a look at our range of top quality Manchester airport hotels with parking today and see how stress-free your next trip could be.

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