Advantages of staying in airport hotels

The days when few travellers stayed in airport hotels have gone. Nowadays, hotels located near major airports enjoy more visitors due to quality customer service and reasonable prices. Apart from that, there are more factors which make an increasing number of travellers book an airport hotel. The article explores a few of them.

Proximity to the airport

A great number of airport hotel customers are travellers who need to wait for a connecting flight or whose flight is delayed. It might take them too much time to reach the nearest city and find a good hotel there so hotels situated near airports become a good option. Proximity to the airport is considered one of the major benefits of airport hotels as often they can be reached on foot or there is a convenient transfer service provided.

Enhanced comfort

Comfort is appreciated by many travellers especially by those who have spent or are going to spend long hours on the plane. That’s why hotels situated near airports are often supplied with all the necessary facilities to make one’s stay as comfortable as possible. Travellers can enjoy en-suite bathrooms with bathrobes and toiletries provided. While staying in comfortable air-conditioned rooms they can watch satellite TV, talk to their relatives by phone or use broadband Internet access. Apart from that, reputable airport hotels serve continental breakfasts so their customers don’t need to think about where to get food.

Versatile onsite facilities

Though many travellers consider hotels located near airports an option for one night, some of them need to stay there for longer. Reputable hotels offer their customers to enjoy versatile onsite facilities which may make their stay more relaxing. Usually customers can choose from such options as steam rooms, Jacuzzi, spas, beauty salons and fitness clubs. Business people who need to discuss urgent issues can make use of meeting rooms which are also available in reputable airport hotels. Wi-Fi Internet access allows them to reach the important people at the click of a mouse and solve business issues in real time. In the evening hotel customers can enjoy top quality dinner served at hotel restaurants or spend some time in a fashionable pub.

Convenient parking options

Those who travel on a regular basis know it’s better to avoid traffic jams on the way to the airport. Often the huge morning and evening traffic doesn’t allow travellers to reach the airport in time so it stands to reason why experienced travellers look for a trouble-free way to arrive to the airport. Comfortable airport hotels with parking facilities are a good option for them. Reputable hotels offer special parking packages for travellers who need to keep their car in a safe place while they are away. Such packages include parking lots at the airport car parks which ensures greater convenience to travellers who arrive to the airport by car. Besides, there is no need to bear additional transportation costs.

Proximity to the airport, enhanced comfort, versatile onsite facilities and convenient parking options are the main factors which make more and more travellers book a room at hotels situated near airports.

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  1. 22/05/2017 at 8:00 am

    I agreed, staying near airport can save ample time, and of course city traffic

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