Catering for more than 500,000 travellers annually, Bournemouth Airport generates huge demand on local parking services. This makes booking early so important when it comes to ensuring you secure legitimate service at a price that’s right for you.

The following table provides a quick overview of the Bournemouth Airport parking we offer.

Car ParkParking Type
Customer Rating
Transfer TimePark Mark
Price From (per week)
Bournemouth Airport Car Park 2
Bournemouth Airport Car Park 2 BOH1

On Airport
4.5 out of 5

Walking time 5 minutes
parkmark logo

Park Mark Safer Parking Award – Why It’s So Important

With many flights arriving and departing at unsocial hours, private transport is often the only viable method to get to and from Bournemouth Airport – putting parking space at a premium around this south coast airport.

Such hunger for parking at Bournemouth Airport parking can also prove profitable for rogue operators who undercut legitimate operators. This is why the Park Mark Safer Parking Award provides a vital tool for travellers who want to ensure their vehicle is cared for in a safe and secure compound while they travel.

The Park Mark Safer Parking Award provides legitimacy that many travellers look for when booking space. That's why the vast majority of parking products offered by APH – at airports right across the UK – are holders of this respected award.

As a Police Crime Prevention Initiative, the Park Mark Safer Parking Award is designed to help cut the instances of crime, or the fear of it, in all car parks that are part of the scheme.

The Park Mark Safer Parking Award is only given to facilities that have satisfied the tough demands of this police-approved scheme.

Take a look at the likes of Bournemouth Airport Car Park 2 to see the type of security on offer to help keep your vehicle safe while you’re away.

Bournemouth Airport Car Parks Reviews 

In addition to the Park Mark Safer Parking Award, APH provides user-generated reviews covering all Bournemouth Airport car parking products offered through our website.

These reviews help put travellers in the driving seat when it comes to booking Bournemouth Airport car parking.

Take a look at the reviews here for services covering car parking at Bournemouth Airport.

Bournemouth Airport operates from a single terminal, which makes the selection of parking easier than for some multi-facility airports. However, there are still plenty of decisions that need to be made.

The Bournemouth Airport car parking we offer is located within the airport complex and no more than five minutes’ transfer from the terminal.

Pick your parking from the likes of Bournemouth Airport Car Park 2 to ensure safe, legitimate parking for while you’re away.

Along with parking information, you can also find additional travel-related help with our detailed guides to the likes of how much change you’ll need for baggage trolleys, how to find free WiFi and where to grab a pit-stop to refuel before you fly.

It’s not just the guarantee of safe Bournemouth Airport car parking, APH also offers great prices for parking services at this busy regional facility.

We know you’d rather spend your cash on the fun parts of a holiday, which is why booking parking at Bournemouth Airport through APH can help you do just that.

Along with the cost-effective parking services we always offer, we’re happy to share some real-world money-saving tips to cut the amount you’ll need to pay.

Here are just a few ways that APH can help savvy travellers reduce the amount they’ll pay for Bournemouth Airport parking – without cutting back on quality or security.

Join-up for great deals

Want to cut 10 per cent from the amount you’ll pay for parking at Bournemouth Airport? Not a problem, we can help you do that right away.

Along with advance warning of sales and deals, joining our free digital mailing list will bring an instant saving of at least 10 per cent from all Bournemouth Airport parking.

Yes – you read that correctly... a real-world saving you can cash in and benefit from immediately. Book now with Bournemouth Airport Car Park 2 and see the pounds fall away.

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Book early to save on your Bournemouth Airport parking

So, you’ve already saved at least 10 per cent from your bill – how about slashing your final bill by an even bigger sum? Here’s how you can do just that with a little pre-planning and research.

The price of parking rises and falls throughout the year – in line with the likes of school holidays and term times for example – but that doesn’t mean you need to pay the full price.

While we always strive to offer the best prices for airport parking, we also bring benefits of almost 40 years’ market intelligence. This data can be used to help cut the amount you’ll pay for parking.

Analysing this data, we can forecast the cheapest time to book Bournemouth Airport car parking. With this information in hand, it’s clear to see that booking parking in advance is a great way to secure even more savings.

If your travel plans are set and unlikely to change, book right now and grab huge discounts. Making a week-long reservation six months ahead of travel could bring an eye-watering saving of 35 per cent compared with the same booking made seven days before departure.

In cash-terms, a week’s parking at Bournemouth Airport could cost £59.84 if the booking was placed a week before flying – compared with around £38.40 if the reservation was made six months ahead of leaving. That’s a potential saving of £21.44.

The following graphic provides an overview of the average savings that could be achieved when purchasing Bournemouth Airport parking at varying periods ahead of departure day.

Bournemouth Airport parking prices graph

Based on prices for stays between 1st July 2018 to 31st December 2018

Our cheapest parking at Bournemouth Airport

If you want cheap parking at Bournemouth Airport then choose from the services we have on offer. Here’s how much the following forms of parking will typically cost for a week-long stay.

Car Park Parking Type Transfer Time Price*
Bournemouth Airport Car Park 2 On-Airport 5 minute walk £63.60

*prices based on 1 week’s parking in November 2021

Choosing the best Bournemouth Airport parking for your trip will help to get it off to a stress-free start.

Here we look at how the individual types of airport parking work. Use the guide to select what could be best for you.

On-airport parking: How it works

This type of parking, provided by Bournemouth Airport Car Park 2 is located right next to the terminal and just a five-minute walk from the check-in desks.

Selecting this form of Bournemouth Airport car parking offers fast access to the terminal and the reassurance of stringent security protection to look after your vehicle while you're away.

The on-airport car parks at Bournemouth Airport operate on a self-park basis. This means travellers get to keep their keys while away. Cars will also remain where they were originally parked by the owner.

Selecting this type of parking can save up to 45 minutes from journeys to the airport when compared with some off-airport services on offer.

Using this type of parking is easy. Travellers driving to the car park, find a parking space, unload their luggage and take a short walk to the check-in desks.

There’ll be no need to worry about security, with the likes of entry and exit barriers, full CCTV and manned patrols looking after vehicles. The Park Mark Safer Parking Award is also in place for added reassurance.


Bournemouth on-airport parking process

Best for: Perfect for anyone who wants to cut the hassle and time of getting to the check-in desks – at a cost-effective price that won’t compromise on security.

Off-airport parking: How it works

Travellers looking to cut the amount they’ll pay for parking, but don’t mind spending a little longer getting to the terminal should consider off-airport parking.

Typically located around 20 minutes from the terminal, travellers will arrive at the car park, unload their bags and jump on a transfer bus to the terminal.

While away, their car will be parked for them and looked after in a security protected compound. Car owners will often be required to leave the keys to their vehicle.

Security will include the likes of barrier-controlled entry and exit, CCTV and a Park Mark Safer Parking Award.

Bournemouth off-airport parking process

Best for: Great for those looking to save a little cash when booking their airport parking. If you have time to spare, this could be an option worth considering.

APH does not currently offer off-airport parking for this airport. Take a look at the on-airport service offered by Bournemouth Airport Car Park 2.

Meet and Greet parking: How it works

Getting to the terminal in plenty of time can be stressful, which is why many travellers turn to meet and parking.

This type of parking involves driving straight to the terminal building, where you’ll be met by a driver who parks your car while you head to the check-in desks

Along with being one of the fastest routes to the terminal, meet and greet is one of the easiest stress-free ways to access the check-in area.

Booking this type of parking through a legitimate provider will ensure your vehicle is looked after in a security-protected car park.

Bournemouth meet and greet airport parking process

Best for: Great for those travelling with young children, managing a mobility issue or transporting heavy sports equipment. Users will typically pay more for this type of Bournemouth Airport car parking.

APH does not currently offer meet and greet parking for this airport. Take a look at the on-airport service offered by Bournemouth Airport Car Park 2.

Get ready for your trip from Bournemouth Airport by preparing a route to your car park or meeting point. Just use the map on this page to ensure you’re at the check-in desk with plenty of time to spare.

Start and end your trip with a smile from APH.