Meteor Meet & Greet Birmingham Airport

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to park at Birmingham, then look no further. Meteor Meet & Greet is a drive in and drop off service right on the doorstep of the terminal, giving you the smooth, hassle free parking service that you crave!

Why choose Meteor Meet & Greet?

Feel like a VIP from the moment you hit the airport with Meteor’s fast and efficient Meet & Greet parking service. You can wave goodbye to time consuming transfers, as you drive up to the terminal in the comfort of your own car. Here, a friendly and fully insured valet is waiting for you, and as he parks your car for you, you are free to head to the check in desk and begin your holiday!

Being reunited with your car is just as simple; make a quick call once you’re picked up your bags and your car will be ready and waiting for you outside the terminal.

And there’s no need to worry about your car while you’re away, as Meteor’s car park is fully secure and features CCTV, secure fencing and regular security patrols, 24 hours a day.

Features of Meteor Meet & Greet

  • CCTV
  • Regular security patrols
  • Fully insured Valet Drivers
  • Valet parking (Your car is parked for you)

Important Information

On booking this service, you will need to provide the following information: Inbound & outbound flight numbers, airport terminals, car details and contact telephone number (preferably a mobile number).

Minimum stays/charges may apply.

Cost of parking includes 15 mins in the drop & go car park for collections & returns. Any wait time longer than 15 mins is likely to incur an additional charge by the airport which will be the responsibility of the customer. Where the delay is clearly the responsibility of Meteor Meet & Greet they will continue to pay the full cost of the ticket.


Please call 07970 906031 ten minutes before you arrive at the airport. Drive to the Drop and Go Car Park, take a ticket from barrier, make a sharp right turn & park next to the railings where you will be met by a driver.

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Terms and Conditions

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Birmingham Meteor Meet & Greet reviews verified by Reevoo

Convenience of drop off/collection points
Punctuality of Meet & Greet representatives
Friendliness and helpfulness of staff
Process for leaving/collecting vehicle
Overall rating
Scores 9.0 out of 10 based on 271 reviews
9 out of 10


Nottingham GB
Fast, efficient, just what I wanted.
Confirmed purchase: 24 September 2015
Published on: 02 October 2015
7 out of 10


Mansfield GB
The moderate score on 'Friendliness and helpfulness of staff' is an average of both arrival and departure experiences. The difference was chalk and cheese!
Confirmed purchase: 27 September 2015
Published on: 01 October 2015
10 out of 10


Nottingham GB
The car was ready to collect when I arrived rather than needing to make a phone call.
Confirmed purchase: 27 August 2015
Published on: 01 October 2015
1 out of 10


Derby GB
I will never use this service again. On returning to my car, I found all my auto settings had been changed and even deleted so will all require seat, steering wheel, mirrors etc. Most importantly my auto lights had been turned off which I didn't realise until I reached the entrance to the M42 (total pitch black). Contents in the boot had been "rummaged" through and a bag which was stored in the boot well had its contents strewn across the boot as if the car had been "whipped" around a corner. The gear lever had some unspeakable substance smeared all over it (I shudder to think what it was!)....and all in all I feel that whoever moved my car, had no respect whatsoever... I work hard to afford a nice car and don't appreciate your driver disrespecting it. I suggest you look long and hard at the staff you employ and perhaps give some intensive customer service training.
Confirmed purchase: 18 September 2015
Published on: 29 September 2015
9 out of 10


Worcester GB
I was pleased to know that this company were part of NCP as this reassured me about the service given recent reports about meet and greet services. As NCP own the short stay car park where the drop off is, there was no rushinh to unload and load the car in order to get out the car park before being charged. Car was ready waiting on our return. Great service and I will use again
Confirmed purchase: 17 September 2015
Published on: 28 September 2015
8 out of 10


Stourbridge West Midlands GB no comment
have used Meet and Greet many times. Bit confusing of late. Once reaching airport and phoning APH informing of arrival, previously an employee is there to meet us. On last couple of times, phoned APH informing of arrival at airport, no one about. Had to go to office and enquire where to leave keys and car. Same on return, rang to say had got luggage, phoned APH told to go to collect car, when there no one around, had to go into office and inform them I had come to collect my car. Confused. Had not been informed that Meet and Greet arrangements had changed. Can you confirm correct procedures for dropping off and collecting cars.
Confirmed purchase: 18 September 2015
Published on: 25 September 2015
8 out of 10


Staffs GB
Good service would recommend
Confirmed purchase: 20 September 2015
Published on: 24 September 2015
7 out of 10


Doncaster GB Frequent user
This service was all going well until collecting on return, no problems car was there but someone had been riding in the back of the car. I had a cover for our dogs looped over the two front headrests and two rear headrests thus creating the sterile area for them to avoid soiling the rear of the car. This remained so on our drop off having dropped off the dogs in kennels on our way and remained to do the same on our return. On opening the car on our return the front loops had been removed and the cover just thrown over the back seat thus exposing the rear seats. It was obvious that someone had been riding in the back of the car! I returned to the Meteor office and spoke to an Asian man who came to the vehicle with me and when questioned denied anyone would have ridden in the back, I wasn't convinced by his negativity and returned to speak to the supervisor. The supervisor came out quite anxious and sweaty to approach me and openly admit that they had used the vehicle to run 3 or 4 drivers back to or from drop off! I respected his honesty and stated that although I didn't agree with the policy but would not have known if the cover had not been removed or replaced. I have used APH for many years and feel that Meteor could be capable of damaging your image. The supervisor had also been dealing with another complaint just before I approached him, probably why he was so anxious.
Confirmed purchase: 01 September 2015
Published on: 22 September 2015
9 out of 10


Milton Keynes GB
Excellent service. Easy to use and totally hassle free. Very short walk to Terminal building. Will always use this service when flying from Birmingham
Confirmed purchase: 10 September 2015
Published on: 17 September 2015
8 out of 10

Mr Powell

Oxford GB
First time we used this service but found it very good would use again
Confirmed purchase: 11 September 2015
Published on: 15 September 2015
10 out of 10


Derby GB
faultless. Easy to follow instructions and easy parking
Confirmed purchase: 04 September 2015
Published on: 08 September 2015
9 out of 10


Great service, will use again.
Confirmed purchase: 05 September 2015
Published on: 08 September 2015
10 out of 10

Confirmed purchaser

Effortless , no hassle and no more expensive than park and ride / walk .
Confirmed purchase: 01 September 2015
Published on: 08 September 2015
10 out of 10

Confirmed purchaser

Excellent service will use again
Confirmed purchase: 01 September 2015
Published on: 08 September 2015
9 out of 10


corby GB fast and efficient thanks
was a bit confused as meteor had changed it's procedure, but like new procedure better :-)
Confirmed purchase: 29 August 2015
Published on: 04 September 2015
9 out of 10


Atherstone GB
Great when travelling with small children.
Confirmed purchase: 29 August 2015
Published on: 03 September 2015
8 out of 10


Bromsgrove GB
Excellent service
Confirmed purchase: 25 August 2015
Published on: 02 September 2015
5 out of 10


Bridgnorth GB
Please be clear: this is not a 'Meet and Greet'. You simply park in the short-stay car park (i.e. you are not met) and wander around until you find a portakabin where some surly person takes your keys without hardly looking up from The Daily Star (i.e. you're not greeted). You then have to go back to the car, drag your bags out of the car, go back to the portakabin to hand over the keys to Star Man, then drag your bags from the car park to departures yourself. Arrivals is pretty much the reverse.

My car was not checked-over for damage at all, so no agreement about original condition was made. The risk here is that, if this firm does damage your car, you'll have no evidence to prove it. I queried it with Star Man and he said 'We'll photograph it' . . . but he didn't while I was there and I didn't get a copy of any that they did take.

In fact, no one came out of the portakabin to even look at it, either when I left it or collected it . . . no! . . . correction! He did come out when I drove off and there was an awful scraping sound. They'd parked it on a traffic cone which was under the rear wheel arch and scraping along the tamac ??! To be fair, he did then drag the cone out from under when I raised the suspension (it was a Range Rover and they do that sort of thing, tho' I'd always thought it was for rough country, there's nothing in the handbook about traffic cones?). And to be fair again, it was dark and there were lost of cones around keeping spaces clear for this so-called Meet-and-Greet service, so you can't blame them for running over a few and wedging them under your car, can you?

Finally, I drove to the barrier with the exit ticket, pushed it in the slot and was greeted with a bill for well over a thousand pounds?! I pressed the button and spoke to a chap who asked whether I was a 'Meet-and-Greet' customer, I said yes, and he raised the barrier. So that appears to be the solution: don't go near this firm, just park-up in short stay, go away for as long as you want (over-Winter in the Tropics, maybe?) then when you get your car parking bill for £30,000, just press the speak button and say you're Meet-and-Greet and you get let out without further ado. Simples! . . . tho' I'm just wondering if they let me go free out of sympathy for what they know this firm puts you through . . . ?
Confirmed purchase: 02 August 2015
Published on: 02 September 2015

Dear Mr Collie,

We are sorry to hear of your experience with your experience with Birmingham Meteor Meet & Greet.

As booking agent for this car park, we take your comments very seriously and have forwarded your feedback to Meteor Meet & Greet for further investigation. We also hope that by doing this, it will help them provide a better service for our customers in the future.

Kind regards,

10 out of 10


Milton Keynes GB Family of 4
Very easy
Confirmed purchase: 17 August 2015
Published on: 26 August 2015
10 out of 10


Birmingham GB Excellent reliable service!
It's an excellent service. Staff were polite & courteous.
Will continue to use them in the future.
Confirmed purchase: 10 August 2015
Published on: 17 August 2015
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