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Surf Equipment Excess Baggage Charges



Air France

For surfing equipment in excess of the baggage allowance, the fee is €150 (£134.64) per item each way

A flat fee within a 20 kg limit is charged per trip each way and varies depending on the destination


Surfboards and windsurf equipment, can travel as registered baggage. The item must be declared at the time of booking.  If in excess of 20kg payment of supplementary charges for excess baggage are applied

American Airlines

One surfboard, Kiteboard, Wakeboard, or Wave Ski

$100 (£68.31) in addition to the applicable checked baggage charge, based on the number of checked bags

Kiteboard/wakeboard/wave skis that are less than 157.5 dimensional cm and 22.7kg are only subject to the applicable checked baggage charge, based on the number of checked bags.

Max weight: 32kgs


Accepted subject to aircraft hold space

Costs £15 per item each way

British Airways

No surf boards are allowed on the flight

Cathay >Pacific

If the surfboard is under 277cm in length there is a 5kg charge at the excess rate
If the surfboard is over 277cm there is an 8kg charge at the excess rate


One surfboard/wakeboard or one surfboard bag containing 2 boards per customer as checked baggage costs £69 per bag (one way)

Windsurfing equipment is subject to a £110 charge one way.


Surf equipment costs £207 each way


£18.50 charge each way when pre-paid.  When paying at the airport the charge is £26.00 plus any excess baggage charge @ £9 per kilo


A surf board up to 3 meters in length will be accepted for carriage within the baggage allowance with 3kg excess given for free. If over 23kg, you will be charged at of the excess baggage rate


Must be booked in advance and there is a charge of £20 per sector on a standby basis. On the turboprop aircraft they must be no longer than 4.5 feet in length.
On jet aircraft they can be up to 10 feet in length


Excess luggage must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
If the authorized baggage allowance is not exceeded there will be no charge. If not, you will be required to pay for excess which will vary depending on your origin and

Japan Airlines

If the weight of the surf board does not exceed the allowance, there will be no charge.  If over the allowance there is a charge of £48/kg


For every kilo over 20kg that surfing equipment weighs, the standard excess baggage rate will apply

Lufthansa Group

Surfing equipment costs from £62 each way

Qantas Group

Surf equipment can be included in the free baggage allowance. When the weight of this item exceeds the allowance, normal excess rates apply


This equipment can be carried in the hold at an additional online charge of £30 per item per one way flight, or £40 per item per one way flight when booked at the airport or through the call centre

SAS Group

Short haul: €40 (£36.19)
Long haul: €80 (£72.38)

Free of charge in Business, Economy Extra and Eurobonus Gold Members


A standard charge of 6kg will be applied on the surfboard if its weight together with the customer’s other checked baggage exceeds the free allowance entitled to the customer. This will apply up to a maximum excess of 15kg, after which the normal excess baggage charges will apply

Thai Airways

Surf equipment is not included in the personal allowance, and must be booked in advance.

Boards not exceeding 277cm will be charged at the applicable excess baggage rate for 5kg.   Boards exceeding 277 cm will be charged at the applicable excess baggage rate of 8kg


One case holding one or two surfboards, luge boards or wakeboards. Maximum 2 boards per case.  Max weight 23kg, max length 277 cm.
Cannot be accommodated on Boeing 737, Airbus A320 or Airbus A319 aircraft

US Airways

$100 (£68.77) charge each way

Virgin Atlantic

You can take surfboards/boogie boards in addition to your free baggage allowance and at no extra charge when you fly Virgin Atlantic
Please note your surfboard or boogie board must not exceed 477cm (109ins) and must not exceed 32kg in weight

All prices in the table are based on the exchange rates on the 24th April 2009

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