Guide to visa charges and regulations abroad for UK nationals (Tourist Visas only)

Travellers from the UK enjoy the luxury of an EU passport, allowing them to travel freely in Europe without restrictions and having to worry about visas.  However, anyone intending to travel further afield should be aware of the visa regulations at their destinations, the process for applying for these visas (not all are available at immigration) and the cost involved.  The table below gives a guide for some of the main destinations of UK travellers.

AUSTRALIA Visas are required for all travel to Australia.British citizens can apply for the following visas:eVisitor visa (tourism or business purposes for stays longer than three months)Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (tourism or business purposes but no stamp or label in your passport, for stays of up to three months) eVisitor visa: Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australian Embassy High Commissions ConsulatesETA: Online Authorised travel agent Airline eVisitor visa: no application charge or service fee.Transit visa: free.ETA: no application charge but service fee of £12 by credit card. Some airlines and travel agents issuing ETA’s charge a processing fee. eVisitor visas are valid for three months on each visit within a 12 month period, from the date of grant.ETA is valid for 12 months from date of issue, or until the passport expires if this is less than 12 months.Maximum length of each visit is three months. eVisitor: 10 – 15 working days.Apply for an ETA at least 12 hours prior to your departure.Applying for the ETA through the DIMIA’s ETA website: usually processed and valid immediately / or three working days.Airline or Travel Agent: usually processed and valid immediately / or three working days. Australia does not have a minimum passport validity requirement for incoming passengers however a minimum of six months is recommended.However if travellers are passing through immigration in the transiting country en route to Australia (e.g. Singapore), then passport may need minimum of six months validity.
CAMBODIA Visas are required to travel to Cambodia. Electronic visa (e-Visa) application:Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or online.Visas: On arrival at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap International airports Other border points e-Visa: £13 with a credit card.One month tourist visa: £13. The e-Visa authorises single visits only.Visa is valid for 30 days starting from date of arrival and can be extended for one extra month only. Stays over authorised visa impose a fine of £3 for first 30 days and £4 per days thereafter. It is possible to obtain a visa on arrival. A passport should have three month validity beyond date of departure and a minimum of six months for surrounding countries.Make sure your passport is stamped on arrival.
CHINA Visas are required to travel to China but not Hong Kong. Chinese Visa Service Application Centre (CVASC): complete visa application online and make an appointment online before submitting application to the Centre in person or through a travel agentPost: complete visa application online and print off before submitting by post Visa Fees:
Single entry: £30.
Double entry: £45.
Multiple entry / six months: £90.
Multiple entry / one year: £150.Application
Service Fees:
Regular Service
(4th working day collection): £35.25
(VAT inclusive).Express Service (3rd working day collection): £47.00 (VAT inclusive).Postal Service (apply by post) £52.88 (VAT inclusive).Total amount is visa fee + application service fee.Cash or debit cards can be accepted. (For postal applicationsdebit card only).
Tourists must enter China within three months of obtaining a visa.A single entry visa is valid for three months with 30 day duration of stay.A double entry visa is valid for six months with 30 day duration of stay. Apply
for a visa about one month in advance of your intended date of entry into China, and do not apply three months earlier than your intended date of entry into China.The Chinese Embassy & the Consulate General do not provide a same day or next day service.The regular service takes four working days and the express service takes three working days, available for applications submitted directly to the Centre.Postal applications will be processed and returned within five to 14 working days assuming the documentation is correct and no further requirements are necessary.
Passport should have at least six months validity on arrival in China.Travellers visiting Hong Kong can stay for up to six months without a visa.
CUBA All British travellers require a visa prior to departure from UK. Direct from the Cuban Consulate Tour Operator Travel Agent· Post from the Cuban ConsulateIf applying by post applicants should send a pre-paid self-addressed envelope for the return of your tourist card. Tourist Card: £15, no processing fee if made in person.Student Visa: £36 visa fee and application fee of £15.Family Visa: £36 visa fee and application fee of £15.How to pay:Postal orders
should be paid with cash or bank-counter cheques. Personal cheques are not accepted.
Tourist cards are valid for one entry, up to 30 days. Visa must be used within 180 days of issue.Extensions of 30 day visa are available in Cuba. If applying for a Tourist Card in person, the applicant can pick up the card at the offices straight away.Postal applicants: cards are sent by return mail. Passports need to be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of departure from Cuba.
EGYPT British passport holders travelling to Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Nuweiba and Taba resorts only, for up to 14 days do not require a visa; they shall receive a free entry permission stamp upon arrival.For all other areas travellers must obtain a visa. Post to the Egyptian ConsulateIn person at the Egyptian Consulate Tourist single entry: £15.Multiple entry: £18.How to pay:In person, cash is the only accepted form of payment for visas.By post, the fee is to be sent by Postal Order only. Single visa is valid for six months from date of issue for a maximum stay of 60 days.Multiple visa is valid for six months from date of issue for a maximum stay of 90 days. Visas can be collected after two working days of submitting the application when applying in person.Postal applications are processed five days after submitting the application. Passports need to be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of travelling.
INDIA You must obtain a visa before travelling to India.If you arrive in India without a visa you will be refused entry. The Indian High CommissionOnline (passports / documents can be sent later by post or submitted in person by taking on-line appointments)Post to the Indian Visa Application Centres Walk-in applications at the three Indian Visa Application Centres Travel Agent Six month tourist visa: £30.One year tourist visa: £50 (maximum stay of 180 days per visit).A VHS service charge of £9.05 must be added to each passport visa application (non refundable). Single entry visa is valid for up to six months from the issue date of visa with a maximum stay of six months.Multiple entries are valid for a year from the issue date of visa with a maximum stay of 180 days per visit. Applications submitted in London, Birmingham & Edinburgh take two to three working days.Applications submitted in Manchester, Cardiff & Glasgow take a minimum of five to seven working days. Passports are required to be valid for a minimum of six months.
KENYA A visa may be obtained on entry into Kenya or prior to travel in the UK. At the airportIn advance at the Kenya High Commission Referral Visa (non refundable): £5.Transit visa (issued for purpose of connecting flights): £10.Single entry holiday visa: £20.Multiple entry (one year): £30Personal application: cash only, personal cheques not accepted.Application by post: bank draft, building society cheque or postal order. Personal cheques not accepted. Single entry: up to three months.Multiple entry: one or two years from the date of issue depending on type of multiple visa. Maximum stay of three months per visit. Visas presented at the counter at the offices of the Kenya High Commission in London will be ready for collection after three working days.Postal applications take one week from the date of receipt.Referral cases take at least eight weeks. Passport must have sufficient space for a visa; travellers will be refused entry if they arrive in Kenya with a full passport.Children under the age of 16 years with a British passport do not require a visa for travel to Kenya, but will receive a gratis in their passport on arrival.Passports are required to have a minimum of six months validity.
MADAGASCAR Visas are required for travel to Madagascar. A 30 day visa: at the airport on arrival (make sure passport is stamped at time of getting visa)Visa for over three months: must be confirmed with the Madagascan Ministry of Interior prior to travelVisas can be obtained prior to travel at the Embassy of Madagascar through: Personal visit for next day collection Single entry: free (under 30 days).Single entry: £45 (more than 30 days).Multiple entry: £55.How to pay:Money order or cheque. Single entry visa: one month.Multiple entry visa: 90 days.Visas are valid for up to six months from date of issue. Personal application: same working day.Postal application: three working days. Ensure that your visa is valid for the period and purpose of your journey.Passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of arrival.Send appropriate postage for Consul to return passport by Federal Express, UPS or Express Mail.
NEPAL Visas are required for travel to Nepal.Multiple entry visas are available. In person at the nearest Royal Nepalese Embassy or Consulate in the UK.At the entry points in Nepal. 15 day visa: £20.30 day visa: £35.90 day visa: £75.How to pay:Visa fees should be paid in cash, by Postal Order or Bank Draft made payable to the Embassy. The visa is valid for six months from the date of arrival in Nepal. Visas submitted in person to the Embassy are normally processed within 48 hours.Visa applied for by post can take up to two weeks. Passports need to have at least six months validity.A tourist visa can be extended from the Department of Immigration and Pokhara Immigration Office for a total of 120 days.
RUSSIA Visas must be applied for prior to travel to Russia.Visas cannot be obtained at the border.The following areas must be applied for: Tourist VisaTourist Visa Support Documents (hotel voucher and confirmation of tourist invitation)The Russian National Tourist Office can arrange the visa support documents for you (the tourist invitation and hotel voucher).Visas must be applied for prior to travel to Russia.

Visas cannot be obtained at the border.

Travellers must have a tourist invitation confirmed to apply for a visa through the Russian Consulate.

Russian National Tourist Office (can put together the details for you including support documents and submit to the Russian Consulate on your behalf).Russian Consulate / Russian Visa CentreThe Embassy of the Russian Federation has outsourced its Visa Application Processing to VSF Services (UK) Ltd so travellers can also apply for visas through this service.The Visa application form must be completed online and then submitted to the Russian Visa Centre by post or person. REQUEST
Single entry, standard service: £115*Single entry, express service: £220*Double entry: standard service: £125*Double entry, express service: £230**Price includes consulate fee, invitation cost and service fee to process through the Russian Consulate.Visa Fees: Normal Applications (seven calendar days service): £25.85 (Inclusive of VAT).Urgent Applications (next working day service): £32.90 (Inclusive of VAT).Service Charge:
Transit Single Entry Visa (seven working days): £40.

Transit Single Entry Visa: (next working days): £80.

Transit Double Entry Visa: (seven calendar working days): £60.

Transit Double Entry Visa: (next working day): £120.

Optional Fee for passport to be returned by Royal Mail: £7.40.

This does not include the tourist invitation fee.

How to pay:

Debit/credit card.

Cash at the Russia Visa Application Centre.

Post: postal order or bank draft.

Single and double entry visas are valid for maximum of 30 days.Single and double entry visas are valid for maximum of 30 days. Standard service application: seven working days.Express service application: two working days (not available by post).Tourist Invitations can be applied for on the same day or next day.The assessment of visa applications is carried out by theRussian Consulate, and the grant or refusal of Russia visas is at their discretion.Postal applications will take longer than above due to the transit to and from the Visa Application Centre: eight – 10 working days. Passports are required to have a minimum of six months validity after the visa expiration date.You must have two blank pages in your passport.You must also have an exit visa to leave Russia.You must have accommodation confirmed for every night of your stay.Visa must be stamped in your passport by the Russian Consulate.Those travelling in groups and tours should submit all documentation to the tour operator.

For those travellers staying in the Russian Federation for longer than three days must register their visas within three working days or arrival with the local branch of the Ministry of the Interior – most major hotels will do this automatically but check first.

Passport must have minimum of six months validity from visa’s expiration date and at least two blank pages.

Tourists who are self-employed, company directors, working from home or unemployed need to provide bank statements for the last three months which have a current balance of a minimum of £100 per day for the duration of the visit.

You must also have an exit visa to leave Russia.

TANZANIA All British passport holders require a visa to travel to Tanzania and should obtain one prior to travelling. Only single entry visas are available, multiple entry visas are issued for Business visas only. Touristvisa for single entry at the ports of entry to TanzaniaMultiple entry visas must be purchased through a Tanzanian Diplomatic Mission before travelling. Touristvisa, single entry: £38.How to pay:In person: by cash only.By post: by cash in Barclays bank or postal order. Entryshould be affected within three months of the date of issue of the visa.Stays in Tanzania are valid for three months from the date of entry. Personalapplications in person take three working days to process.Postal application takes ten working days.24 hours service is available at an extra cost of £5 – not applicable for postal applications. Passportsare required to have a minimum of six months validity from the date of entry.
THAILAND Britishpassport holders flying to Thailand may enter without a visa for up to 30 day visit if entering by international airport or 15 days if by land from a neighbouring country.If over you must obtain an extension of stay or a valid visa.Visitors need a tourist visa for stays of over 30 days – this allows stays of up to 60 days. Royal Thai Embassy Consulate HighCommission Immigration Officer at a point of entry into Thailand One of the Immigration Offices around the country Free for 30 day visit.Transit Visa: £15.Tourist Visa: £28 per entry.Non-immigrant visa, single entry: £45.Multiple entry visa: £100. Tourist visa: three months.Multiple entry visa: six months.Non-immigrant single entry visa: three months.Non-immigrant multiple entry: one year. Two working days.Postal applications: 24 hours.In person: 30 minutes. Need six months validity from date of arrival, entry is also normally refused if your passport is damaged, or if pages are missing from your passport.
TURKEY Avisa is required for British nationals to enter Turkey unless they are cruise ship passengers. Multiple visas may be purchased at port of entrySticker-type visas can be purchased at the port of entry for stays not exceeding 90 days.Visas can be applied through:
Travel Agent
Appointments must be pre-booked with the Consulate.
Multiple entry visitors’ visa at the port of entry: £10.From the consulate general in the UK: £68.Single entry (six months): £68.Single Transit: £68.Single entry (one year): £216.

Multiple entry (up to five years): £400.

How to pay:
Postal Order
Company Cheque
Credit/debit cards and personal cheques are not accepted.

A multiple entry visitor’s visa is valid for 90 days from the time of entry.Single entry and multiple entry: from six months to one year.Multiple entry: five years.Transit: six months. Usually three working days. Your passport should be valid for at least six months from date of arrival in Turkey and have at least three months validity from the date you are exiting Turkey.
USA UK travellersdo not need to apply for a visa but must apply for the US Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) which allows visits for up to 90 days. This is mandatory.All those travelling under the Visa Waiver Programme have to provide details online 72 hours prior to travel (known as the Electronic Travel SystemAuthorisation or ESTA). This is free but some websites will charge.Travellers entering US under the Visa Waiver Programme need to have a machine-readable passport.Travellers who do not have a machine readable passport will need to apply for USA entry visa. ESTA:online.
Visa application:· Consulate· Embassy
ESTA is free. However, once the Travel Promotion Act beginning shortly, there will now be a £10 fee when completing the ESTA (every two years).Tourist Visa: £85Transit Visa: £85 The VWP allows visits to the US for up to 90 days.The ESTA is valid for two years or the validity of the traveller’s passport (whichever is shortest). This is also valid for multiple entries. The ESTA form must be filled out with the traveller’s details at least 72 hours prior to travel.The visa usually takes up to five working days after the interview. Travel Promotion Act: A £7 is due to come into play shortly, charged to visitors from countries included in the Visa Waiver Programme when applying for the ESTA form.Travellers without an ESTA will be refused entry to the US.Travellers need to reapply for ESTA if required a new passport, had a change in gender, name or citizenship.Passport needs to be valid for at least six months from the date of arrival.
VIETNAM Must obtain visa prior to travel. Canbe applied for in person by post at the Embassy of Vietnam Single entry (30 days): £38Single entry, express service: £55Multiple entry (30 days): £70Multiple entry (90 days): £90If applying by post then the following return charges apply:

1 passport: £8 per passport

2/3 passports: £6 per passport

4/7 passports: £5 per passport

From 8 passports: £4 per passport

Application in person: cash only.

Application by post: cheque, postal order or banker’s draft.

Usually valid for only one visit, if travellers are visiting other countries and re-entering Vietnam in the same trip then a visa allowing multiple visits must be purchased.Usually valid for one month from date of entry. Visas can be extended for another month at an extra cost. Express Application by fax: two working days (additional fee required).Express Application: same day.Normal application process in person: five working days not including postal delivery.Normal application by post: five working days plus additional posting time. Over staying on visas can result in deportation or large fines.Passport needs at least one month validity from date the visa expires.

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